The LPL Research Team

Leadership is a team affair at LPL Research. We believe the advice we provide leads to better outcomes when the insights across all aspects of investing are united. That’s why everything LPL Research does runs through the leadership team—from the models they create and manage to the research and commentary they provide. After all, when we are stronger, so are you.

Meet our top level think tank

How’s the idea of strength working? Managing over $60 billion in assets and 50 model portfolios, we believe LPL Research has never been stronger. Get to know the people who’re leading the charge.

Marc Zabiski bio photo

Marc Zabicki

Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research

Marc Zabicki, CFA, leads LPL Financial Research, overseeing delivery of market and economic insights. He has over 30 years of industry experience.

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Kristian Kerr bio photo

Kristian Kerr

Head of Macro Strategy

Kristian Kerr drives the broad, house investment strategy for LPL Financial Research. His career includes over 25 years of industry experience.

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Dr. Quincy Krosby bio photo

Dr. Quincy Krosby

Chief Global Strategist

Dr. Quincy Krosby is LPL Financial’s Chief Global Strategist. Her career includes time spent as a U.S. diplomat and in the IMF.

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Garrett Fish bio photo

Garrett Fish

Head of Model Portfolio Management

Garrett Fish, CFA, leads model portfolio management at LPL Financial, responsible for the investment management process and driving model portfolio adoption.

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Jason Hoody bio photo

Jason Hoody

Head of Investment Manager Analysis

Jason Hoody, CFA, leads manager review at LPL Financial Research, and is responsible for analyzing investment products.

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Dr. Jeffrey Roach bio photo

Dr. Jeffrey Roach

Chief Economist

Jeffrey Roach guides the overall view of the economy for LPL Financial Research and has over 20 years of experience in investing and economics.

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Jeff Buchbinder bio photo

Jeff Buchbinder

Chief Equity Strategist

Jeff Buchbinder, CFA, provides the top-down view of the stock market for LPL Financial Research. He has over 25 years of experience in equities.

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Jina Yoon bio photo

Jina Yoon

Chief Alternative Investment Strategist

Jina Yoon is LPL Financial’s Chief Alternative Investment Strategist. Her investment career includes over 15 years of experience.

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Lawrence Gillum bio photo

Lawrence Gillum

Chief Fixed Income Strategist

Lawrence Gillum, CFA, guides the fixed income view for LPL Financial Research and has over 20 years of investing experience.

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Adam Turnquist bio photo

Adam Turnquist

Chief Technical Strategist

Adam Turnquist oversees the management and development of technical research at LPL Financial. His investment career spans over 15 years.

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Jeanna Brandt bio photo

Jeanna Brandt

Vice President Research Experience

Jeanna Brandt heads up the Research Experience team at LPL Financial, and manages the overall operations of LPL Research.

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Andrew Beatty bio photo

Andrew Beatty

Head of OCIO Services

Leading LPL Financial’s outsourced Chief Investment Officer Services, Andrew Beatty delivers tailored model and portfolio creation solutions to advisors.

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Thomas Shipp bio photo

Thomas Shipp

Head of Quantitative Research

Thomas Shipp leads the Quantitative Research team at LPL Financial, which provides market insights and quantitative strategy across asset classes.

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Craig Brownp bio photo

Craig Brown

Quantitative Strategist

Craig Brown leads the development of quantitative asset allocation modeling at LPL Financial. Learn more about his 10+ years in investing, analytics, and data.

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