Dr. Jeffrey Roach

Chief Economist

Jeffrey Roach is Chief Economist for LPL Financial. Responsible for relating economic conditions with financial market outcomes, Jeffrey provides forward-looking views of global economic conditions and sets forecasts across various economic data series.

Jeffrey is also a member of LPL Research’s Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation Committee (STAAC), which provides a united investment view across a comprehensive range of investing disciplines. He provides regular, compelling insights for financial advisors and enterprise clients, and communicates the firm's economic views via conference calls, webinars, LPL events, and media engagements.

Known for cutting-edge research across a career that spans over 20 years in investing and economics, Jeffrey maintains frequent contact with Federal Reserve economists, Wall Street analysts, and other leading global money managers. He’s an avid contributor to the financial press outside of LPL Financial and is a sought-after speaker.

Prior to joining LPL Financial

Jeffrey Roach was a Senior Economist with Visa, where he focused on macroeconomic forecasting for both internal stakeholders and external global clients. He started his career as a Trading Floor Economist on Bank of America’s corporate trading desk and was also a Portfolio Manager for a 5-star mutual fund. While on Bank of America’s corporate trading desk, his group was responsible for internal economic research that was closely guarded and periodically sent to officials of the Federal Open Market Committee.

Jeffrey has presented economic research as far away as Italy’s Ministry of Finance in Rome and Office of National Statistics in the U.K.

Education & Achievements

PhD in Economics, Clemson University

MA in Economics, Clemson University

BS in Mathematics, Bob Jones University

Awarded one-year Research appointment, Harvard University

Advisory Board Member, University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business Wealth Management Center

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