Advisor Diversity and Inclusion

Everything we do at LPL Financial is to help advisors run a thriving practice that empowers individuals and families--from all backgrounds and experiences--to achieve their financial goals. That starts with celebrating and nurturing the growing diversity of our advisors, so they can better reach investors who need their valuable perspectives and guidance.

When you join LPL as an advisor, your unique journey and experience becomes one of your most powerful assets. Through our Advisor Diversity and Inclusion program, you’ll experience the tools, opportunities, and mentorship to help you continue your business success.

Our Advisor Diversity and Inclusion program is specifically designed to cultivate an inclusive selection of advisor communities, to support the growth of underrepresented advisors within the LPL family, and to meet the evolving needs of the investors you serve.

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Black Advisor Business Community

Join a growing number of black advisors at LPL and access the opportunities, networking, and knowledge to continue growing and building your business your way.

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Women Advisor Business Community

Join a growing number of women advisors at LPL and access the opportunities, networking, and knowledge to continue growing and building your business your way.

Advisor Business Communities (ABCs)

ABCs offer underrepresented advisors the opportunity to connect with one another and increase business success. We currently have ABCs dedicated to serving our Asian, Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, and Women Advisors.

Advisor Inclusion Council

A diverse group of representatives consistently partner with LPL home office leaders to contribute thoughtful feedback and insights that enhance program initiatives.

Learn more about LPL’s Advisor Diversity and Inclusion Team.

Tools, Resources, and Continued Learning

Keep growing your business’ outreach, while expanding and deepening engagement with current clients through sales and marketing materials designed specifically for diverse investor groups.

2019 Industry
Award received for LPL Financial’s efforts in advisor diversity and inclusion.

InvestmentNews 2019 Diversity Champion
for programs supporting advisor and end investor diversity and inclusion.

2020 Women on Boards
Winning “W” Company in 2019 for having 20% or more of its board seats represented by women.

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