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Selling Your Business

After years of dedication to the growth of your business, you may be contemplating retirement. Whether you still have a few years to plan or you want to sell your business soon, LPL has a network of active buyers who can become your succession plan. Let us show you how we can help you maximize your value and sell with peace of mind.

Whether you’re in a major metropolitan city or a rural town, chances are we can find you several active buyers near your office.

LPL Financial can help you sell your business and retire

LPL provides a marketplace for financial advisors who want to maximize the value of their business without having to sacrifice culture or fit. We have a dedicated team who will assist you in the following areas:


LPL has more than 1,600 interested, qualified buyers from across the United States in its database, representing about 10 percent of our advisors and demonstrating significant acquisition interest and readiness. At LPL, the average buyer to seller ratio is about 30 buyers for every seller. Whether you’re in a major metropolitan city or a rural town, chances are we can find you several active buyers near your office. We’ll connect you to potential buyers, then provide ongoing assistance to support you during the transition.


LPL provides over 400 valuations per year, which are assembled by our experienced team of qualified consultants. To ensure our valuations and methodologies are continually updated with new sale data, we have several team members who carry the Certified Valuation Analyst® designation.

If you want to know more about marketplace valuations, view the white paper below.

Valuation consulting

If your interest is increasing the value of your business over time, we have a valuation consulting program that will guide you on how you can do that, as well as annually perform an additional valuation and measure the progress you have made toward your goal.

Deal consulting

Our qualified team members have experience consulting on various deal structures and sale types. We provide education on different structures or scenarios that both parties can assess to determine what’s right for their unique circumstances and goals.

Learn more about maximizing your business value from our resources below, or contact one of our experts today to start the conversation about your future goals.

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5 Strategies for Improving Business Valuations

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Start the conversation

Connect with one of our experts to discuss succession planning or to request a business valuation.