What’s Your Vision of Success?

Supporting independent financial advisors, RIAs, and institutions with innovative tools, market insights, and custom solutions for their clients.

Every financial advisor—whether independent, RIA, employee, or within a bank or credit union—has a unique vision for their future. At LPL Financial, we help bring those visions to life.

When you partner with LPL, you get the opportunity to choose your days. Spend more time on the advisory activities that fulfill you—and less on those that don’t.

  • If you enjoy complete autonomy, you can control every aspect of your business with your own team and resources.
  • If you prefer more support, you can outsource as much of your back office to LPL—including marketing, administration, startup services, technology, etc.—as you like.
  • No matter what, you’ll own 100% of your book of business. When it comes to your clients, you’re always in control.

However you thrive, we can make it happen at LPL.

Independence on your terms

Start your journey at any service level, and you can always adapt if your needs change. Once you’re with us, you won’t have to repaper to move within our ecosystem.

Independence on your terms

Why LPL is right for you

Personalized Support

Our 1:4 ratio of employees to financial professionals ensures you have the service and support to help exceed client expectations.

No Proprietary Products

LPL has no proprietary investment products or investment banking operations. Financial professionals are empowered to make informed recommendations based on comprehensive research and unique client goals.

Industry Leading Technology

Industry-Leading Technology

Run all your daily operational tasks through a single, integrated central platform. Our technology is the #1 reason advisors join LPL.


Simplifying Your Transition

We do the legwork so you can focus on running your business while you transition. In some cases, the process can take as little as 2 months.

Partner with us, and:

Your clients are yours, wherever you go.
We’ll never compete for them.

Financial professionals are our only clients, so you’re always the center of our universe.

Your compensation will be transparent and competitive. 

You’ll get the benefits of our research, technology, and economy of scale.

Affiliation models that fit you

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