LPL Research

Our team of experts provide comprehensive market research, rigorous analysis, and valued insights that financial advisors and investors can rely on.

Who is LPL Research?

LPL Research is one of the largest independent investment research teams in the financial industry.

Experienced financial analysts, strategists, and investment specialists are ready to help you enhance and inform your services as a financial advisor. We operate as an extension of your team, delivering independent investment advice, serving as a business partner to your advisory practice, and helping you keep your clients informed on the markets and economy. When you partner with LPL Research, our experts are your experts.

What does  LPL Research do?

The Research team at LPL Financial helps you better understand market movements with clear economic insights, so you can deliver results for your clients. By using LPL Research as your investment partner, you get transparency into their approach, expected outcomes, and model performance.

As a financial professional working with LPL, you have access to:

  • Relevant, timely, and accurate economic and market insights
  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation guidance
  • Rigorous investment vehicle due diligence
  • Guidance on creating and monitoring investment portfolios
  • Engaging and informative communications you can share directly with clients

LPL Research uses a method of top-down macro analysis in our asset allocation models. This approach helps to inform investment decisions that work in the current economic environment while keeping an eye on conditions down the road.

With LPL Research, you can…

  • Make more informed decisions as a financial advisor: Use the research team’s support and market insights to better serve your clients – your way.
  • Get guidance you can trust: Design personalized portfolios for your clients with asset allocation guidance.
  • Plus: You can review our recommended list of mutual funds on a quarterly basis to help you fully understand the mutual fund and separately managed account (SMA) strategies recommended by the team.
LPL Financial Creative Graphic
LPL Financial Creative Graphic

LPL Research offers two approaches to financial guidance 

  1. Strategic investing involves setting long-term asset class weights through the development of capital market assumptions.
  2. Tactical investing implements shifts in positioning across classes based on short-term market conditions.

As a financial advisor at LPL, you can access accurate and independent financial research anytime you need it. Our research team uses a thorough, well-documented, internal research process that can help you determine, position, and diversify asset classes for your clients. We do the due diligence for you by following an in-depth, process of data collection, complete universe analysis of available investment managers, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the manager’s track record and investment process, and oversight committee review.

We provide financial insights in many different shareable formats. Find comprehensive written information in easy-to-read articles, check out podcasts on relevant financial topics, and get key takeaways with infographics and videos. These helpful tools can be shared directly with your clients so they can easily understand market trends in real time.

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