After You Invest

Once you start investing, count on your LPL financial advisor or financial professional to help ensure any chosen investment makes sense for your overall portfolio and is suitable for your goals and objectives.

Partnering for Prudent Investing

Prudent investing means your LPL financial advisor or professional puts your interests first, helping you develop an investment plan aligned with your goals. You play an important role in the process as well. 

It’s vital that you always honestly communicate your financial goals and information about your financial situation to your LPL financial advisor or professional.  Holding back or providing partial information will prevent your LPL financial advisor or professional from understanding your financial ambitions.

Keep Your Account Secure

While LPL employs numerous processes and protocols to safeguard your accounts, it's essential that you also take actions to help keep your investment account with LPL secure. Make sure to read and adhere to the following information.

  • Always make any payment for securities investments directly to "LPL Financial" or to a mutual fund, annuity or insurance company, or other LPL product partner. For a list of product sponsors that partner with LPL, contact LPL Compliance, Legal & Risk at (800) 558-7567
  • LPL financial professionals are required to place securities investments through LPL Financial or directly with a mutual fund, insurance company or other product provider. Don’t make checks payable directly to a financial professional, the financial professional's business, or to any business controlled by the financial professional. 
  • When dealing with a representative of LPL, only accept account payments from LPL or the product provider. Payment from any other business names or the LPL representative isn’t appropriate. 
  • Never borrow from or lend money to a representative of LPL.
  • Always sign your own documents. Never ask someone else to sign for you unless that person can legally act for you, e.g. via power of attorney.
  • Review your statements when you receive them. If you receive a summary statement from your financial professional, compare the statement numbers to your statements from each product provider or official LPL account statement.  

If you have questions about this information or wish to report any suspicious activity on the part of your financial professional, please contact the LPL Compliance, Legal & Risk department at (800) 558-7567.

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