LPL Financial's Professional Referral Network

CPAs, attorneys, or other professionals who serve their clients’ financial interests can partner with a financial advisor to access additional wealth-management strategies for clients and receive compensation. LPL Financial’s Professional Referral Network creates alliances that provide clients a more holistic way to pursue financial goals.

The LPL Financial Professional Referral Network offers CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals the opportunity to partner with LPL advisors to offer clients a comprehensive wealth management experience.

Clients today are looking for trusted professional who can work together to help them pursue their short- and long-term financial goals. By partnering, professionals and advisors can share expertise and create one, strategic plan that meets each client’s needs. In addition, these strategic alliances can provide participants networking and compensation opportunities while adding long-term value to their businesses.

Client Benefits

  • Access to a full range of wealth management strategies
  • Confidence in knowing their trusted professionals are working together to pursue the client’s goals
  • Convenience, as they don’t have to be the mediator between professionals

Professionals’ Benefits

  • A new revenue stream
  • The ability to provide clients a holistic experience
  • Potential for co-referral relationship where the advisor also refers clients back to the professional

How the Program Works

Professionals affiliate with the advisor and LPL, and refer clients to the advisor in return for shared compensation. There are two ways professionals can affiliate:

  • Limited Securities Professional: This option is for professionals who are securities licensed and want to share in brokerage and/or advisory business and prefer to be more active in the client relationship.
  • Promoter Professional: This option is for CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals who want to simply refer a client to a financial advisor in return for compensation. Professionals will be compensated for any new clients who open and maintain LPL fee-based investment accounts with an LPL financial advisor.

Get Started Today

To get started, follow the steps below, based on your preferred affiliation option.

Limited Securities Professional – Simply complete the online application. Once the form has been submitted, an LPL Onboarding Consultant will contact you to complete the process.

Promoter Professional – Contact the advisor with whom you’d like to partner, who will provide you a series of forms to complete.