LPL Financial’s Transition Experience 

Tried and true. Customized to financial advisors like you. 

Your Vision, LPL’s Expertise 

As a financial advisor, you have a vision for your unique wealth management business. A successful transition is integral to helping you realize it. Just as LPL Financial tailors your business model to you, we tailor your transition process based on where you’re coming from and where you’re taking your business to at LPL.

We continually invest in and evolve our process with the aim of making LPL Financial the easiest place to onboard. Our extensive experience and nimble flexibility in customizing advisors’ transitions are the reasons LPL advisors continue to be successful — through their transitions and beyond.

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Specializing in Successful Transitions

"“LPL’s mission is to remove as much work as possible for advisors and take on some of the complexity that remains. In any environment, we want them to say, ‘That was so much easier than I thought.’ Our goal is to continue to be the absolute easiest firm in the industry to join. And that’s why we continuously want to be five steps ahead of our competitors."

Casey Furr

SVP, Business Transitions, LPL Financial

Transition Journey

Your transition is just the beginning of your partnership with LPL and our commitment to your long-term growth. We’re here to help you navigate each step of the journey, from exploring and selecting the right business solutions for your needs, to getting up to speed on LPL’s leading technology, to conducting business as usual at LPL.

Depending on the nature and unique needs of your business, you may work with one or more of these groups: 

  • Investment Transition Partner: Consults on investment products and platforms and maps your current book of business.
  • Regional Transition Partner: Manages your overall transition process and coordinates your tailored transition plan.
  • Transition Support Partner: Provides in-depth training opportunities to educate you on LPL’s technology and assists with transfers and new account opening workflow.
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Frequently Asked Questions

LPL’s specialists take on the bulk of the transition effort so you don’t have to. Even then, it takes us less time than the average firm. Since 2019, we’ve reduced the time advisors spend on transition-related tasks by 90% from 1,000 hours to 570 hours in 2020. And we’re not stopping there — we’re working toward a further reduction to 300 hours by 2024. 

You’ll know exactly where you stand at each step in the process. Our advisor onboarding portal makes the whole process digitized and transparent for you. 

With proactive communication and a tried-and-true account opening process, client retention for LPL advisors is typically high. Leverage our suite of transition tools, such as eSignature, to complete the repapering process in a convenient and efficient way for you and your clients.

There are ways to show your clients that the transition is in their best interest. Most end up being delighted once you’ve chosen this path. We help advisors create off-the-shelf materials to discuss the benefits of going with LPL, and we provide the interface for clients to enter data for more efficient account transfers.

Technology is your greatest ally while you’re transitioning, as it makes the process even more efficient, and it keeps you and your transition team on the same page at all times. You and your staff will have access to our ClientWorks training environment so you can practice using our technology and feel more comfortable using it when you join.

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Transition Your Advisor Business with Confidence

We are with you every step of the way. A transition with LPL could be one of the best business decisions you make for you and your clients.

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