Why Choose LPL Financial

At LPL, we have the resources you, as an advisor deserve, to build the practice you want — flexibility, greater control, and competitive payouts.

Advisors Drive the Future of Financial Advice

That's why, at LPL Financial, you're always in the driver's seat.

Founded on the principle that we should work for you — not the other way around — at LPL Financial, we remain committed to keeping advisors at the center of everything we do. You’re the reason we exist.

Whatever your vision of the future, we’ll partner with you every step of the way to help you realize it. With our comprehensive support and broad spectrum of ways to partner, from our employee model to RIA custody offerings, you'll have the resources to build and grow your practice — your way, on your terms.

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We Take Care of Our Advisors

So Advisors Take Care of Their Clients

Your business is a reflection of you. And we believe that you should always be the architect of your own vision. That’s why you have the power to personalize how you work with us.

Whether you’re looking for increased flexibility and competitive payouts, greater control over expenses, an opportunity to broaden your service offering and grow your client base — or a combination of these — we’re here to deliver what you need. You'll find the tools you need to fuel growth, profitability, and efficiency, so you can focus what's most important: delivering an excellent client experience.

At LPL, your greatness is our goal.

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Your journey begins here. Find support for you and your practice through:

Leadership, Size, and Strength*

We like numbers, but our real value is all about supporting you. From the ways you can partner with us, to running your perfect practice. At LPL, you’re more than just a number.


Brokerage and advisory client assets, serviced or custodied


Financial professionals serviced


Financial institution partners

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Ranked no. 440 on the Fortune 500 list1

Read why your peers chose LPL, and envision your future with us.

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“What LPL offers with Linsco is really exciting. We own our practice, but we do not have to worry about the operations side of the practice. It allows us to focus on clients’ first and really give them the white glove service they deserve. By joining LPL, we can keep our clients’ best interests at the forefront of everything.”

Tracy Applewhite and Sean Tyll II, Applewhite Tyll Retirement Planners

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LPL is in a position to say, ‘We’ll support you in what you want to do. What we try to do for advisors is what LPL is trying to do for us. They’re telling us, ‘You can still be what you want to be, and we’ll support you.’ They get in the weeds for you. Others say they offer partnership, but LPL actually delivers it.

Ryan Todd, CPA and James Spinelli, Great Valley Advisor Group

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But no question about It, when I was back at the wirehouse. I saw no vision for my family being in this industry. And, now you fast forward to where we are today, I have one of my kids asking about coming into the industry, and I’m really excited.

Mike Ashworth, Ashworth Financial Group

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Learn strategies you can use to more effectively guide your clients and build your practice.

Let’s build the future. Together.

As your complete wealth management partner, we’re here to help you build your future. Think of us as your back, middle, and front office partner, combining strategic solutions, services, and tools.

With LPL, you have a:

  • Self-clearing partner
  • Compliance and risk management partner
  • Business solutions partner
  • Wealth management partner

No matter where you are in your career, or what kind of partnership you’re looking for, our approach to wealth management is designed to create a seamless, more rewarding experience for you.

LPL Advisor Insights

As an advisor, growing your financial practice means having a continuous commitment to learning and evolving. Read through actionable strategies and insights you can use to efficiently run your business, as well as the latest news and updates from LPL Financial.


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* Data as of April 2, 2024

1 Fortune 500 ranks U.S. companies based on a review of the prior year's total revenue and factors such as profits after taxes, year-end assets and total stockholders' equity.

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