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LPL Research brings the market to you with a publication lineup that moves as quickly as the market, and layers in the team’s expertise and insights. You can drill down into the details with daily and weekly commentary or zoom out for the bigger picture monthly or less frequently. Whatever you choose, you’re in the know. 

Macro. Market. Movers.

Read the hottest topics of the day from the LPL Research thought leaders. From stocks and bonds to the latest data from the government and everything in between, you’ll find the team’s expansive range of investing and economic expertise—served up in granular detail.

Weekly Market Commentary

An LPL fave, catch this popular publication for a recap of the markets from the week that was, thought-starters for what could be ahead—and strategic insights and recommendations based on both. 

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Rounding out the Research lineup

From the markets and economy to geopolitics and more, LPL Research delivers the backstory and forecasts you need to help position you for the outcomes you deserve. Published in a variety of formats, simply choose what works best for you.

LPL's Midyear Outlook 2024

Putting LPL Research’s investment know-how front and center, this signature publication showcases the team’s expertise, breadth, and depth with comprehensive and insightful commentary. 

Meet LPL Research

Here, over 400 years of combined investment experience comes together as one. And it’s all in effort to deliver expertise, rigorous analysis, and valued insights that help position you to achieve your goals. Get to know the people who power our perspectives.

Marc Zabiski bio photo

Marc Zabicki

Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research

Marc Zabicki, CFA, leads LPL Financial Research, overseeing delivery of market and economic insights. He has over 30 years of industry experience.

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Kristian Kerr bio photo

Kristian Kerr

Head of Macro Strategy

Kristian Kerr drives the broad, house investment strategy for LPL Financial Research. His career includes over 25 years of industry experience.

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Dr. Quincy Krosby bio photo

Dr. Quincy Krosby

Chief Global Strategist

Dr. Quincy Krosby is LPL Financial’s Chief Global Strategist. Her career includes time spent as a U.S. diplomat and in the IMF.

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Meet the Authors

Comprised of experts across the multi-faceted world of investing, the LPL Research team wields their golden pen around the clock so that you’re primed for opportunity. Over 400 years of combined industry experience is always at your service.

Jeff Buchbinder bio photo

Jeff Buchbinder

Chief Equity Strategist

Jeff Buchbinder, CFA, provides the top-down view of the stock market for LPL Financial Research. He has over 25 years of experience in equities.

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Jina Yoon bio photo

Jina Yoon

Chief Alternative Investment Strategist

Jina Yoon is LPL Financial’s Chief Alternative Investment Strategist. Her investment career includes over 15 years of experience.

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Lawrence Gillum bio photo

Lawrence Gillum

Chief Fixed Income Strategist

Lawrence Gillum, CFA, guides the fixed income view for LPL Financial Research and has over 20 years of investing experience.

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