LPL team in Around the Table conversations about diversity and inclusion

Around the Table: Conversations from the Frontlines About Diversity and Inclusion

Heartfelt. Personal. Genuine. Enlightening. LPL’s diversity series, Around the Table, features honest conversations among LPL leaders and advisors from a wide variety of backgrounds. Gain insights from their discussions on why diversity and inclusion is important — and how embracing it can help grow your business.


Episode 1: Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important

Diversity and inclusion. It’s the right thing to do. For financial advisors, it’s also crucial to reaching an increasingly diverse client base — and understanding and meeting their needs.


Episode 2: The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity focuses on differences. Inclusion is about understanding and embracing those differences. What are you doing to create an environment in which different kinds of clients can feel comfortable trusting you with one of the most personal areas of their lives ─ their money?


Episode 3: Be Authentic and Find the Common Thread

For financial advisors, one of the most important ways to reach a more diverse client base is to find the common threads that connect people. Among them: the need for financial planning services.


Episode 4: Growing a Diverse Team and Practice

To grow a diverse financial planning team and practice, financial advisors should keep one important word in mind: empathy. It can help advisors connect with prospective clients and employees from diverse backgrounds. And, numerous studies show that increasing empathy can lead to a more successful business.


Episode 5: A Modern Community of Investors

It's no longer business as usual for financial advisors. The changing demographic composition of prospective investors requires advisors to think differently, communicate more thoughtfully, and employ greater empathy.


Episode 6: How Diversity & Inclusion is Personal

Diversity and inclusion is more than awareness. It's more than a social responsibility. It's more than a competitive advantage. It's more than an employment strategy. It's personal – and it affects everyone at some level.


Episode 7: One of the Few

Despite efforts at diversity and inclusion, many financial advisors still find themselves in situations in which they’re among the few advisors representing certain backgrounds. What are advisors doing to change that and is it making a difference?


Episode 8: Come Up and Say Hi

Inclusion.  Sometimes the easiest way to promote it and practice it is to simply say hello to someone.


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At LPL Financial, we believe diversity and inclusion not only broadens horizons and sparks innovation, but it is the right thing to do.

Diversity and Inclusion at LPL Financial

LPL’s vision is to be among the nation’s best independent brokers/dealers — and the most inclusive place for financial professionals in the industry.

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