LPL advisors discuss diversity and inclusion

Around the Table Episode 7: One of the Few

LPL Financial

Despite efforts at diversity and inclusion, many financial advisors still find themselves in situations in which they’re among the few advisors representing certain backgrounds. What are advisors doing to change that and is it making a difference?

Go to any gathering of financial advisors. Chances are there will only be a limited number of women or people of color. There may be even less from backgrounds that can’t necessarily be distinguished by physical appearances.

It’s a reality of the financial planning business: it’s still comprised of a largely homogenous group of people.

In this episode of “Around the Table,” LPL leaders and advisors discuss what it means to be “one of the few.” They also share thoughts on how their presence in the industry is perceived, as well as what they’re doing to change things and the effects their efforts are having.

Watch the complete episode to learn more about the need for and realities of diversity and inclusion in financial planning.

You can also learn more about what we’re doing at LPL to create a more diverse, inclusive culture for our advisors and employees.