Around the Table Episode 3: Be Authentic and Find the Common Thread

Around the Table Episode 3: Be Authentic and Find the Common Thread

LPL Financial

For financial advisors, one of the most important ways to reach a more diverse client base is to find the common threads that connect people. Among them: the need for financial planning services.

Financial planning services are something everyone can benefit from regardless of race, gender or any other differentiator. In this episode of “Around the Table,” LPL leaders and financial advisors discuss how to use this common thread to reach and serve diverse communities.

To connect with prospective clients from different backgrounds or demographic groups, an advisor’s sensitivity to cultural differences is important. So is making prospective clients feel comfortable.

What is key, however, is being true and genuine. Most people can tell if a company is interested in working with them just because they see an opportunity to make money.

As one of the LPL financial advisors in this episode notes, financial planning services aren’t color coded to reach specific groups of people. So simply approach prospective clients from different communities as you would anyone else. Keep in mind that everyone needs the same things. That includes financial planning services.

Watch the complete episode to gain more perspectives on how embracing diversity and inclusion can help you reach and serve clients from a wider range of backgrounds and communities.

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