Around the Table Episode 6: How Diversity and Inclusion is Personal

Around the Table Episode 6: How Diversity and Inclusion is Personal

LPL Financial

Diversity and inclusion is more than awareness. It’s more than a social responsibility. It’s more than a competitive advantage. It’s more than an employment strategy. It’s personal — and it affects everyone at some level.

Diversity and inclusion isn’t a vague, only-affects-someone-else concept. It’s a daily reality that shapes perceptions, influences behaviors, and drives experiences — including for financial advisors and their clients.

In this episode of “Around the Table,” LPL leaders and advisors share examples from their own experiences that demonstrate just how personal diversity and inclusion is.

One financial advisor discusses being mistaken for another advisor just because they have the same ethnic background. Another advisor cites an experience at a conference where she was assumed to be the spouse of a financial advisor — not a financial advisor herself — just because she’s a woman.

Understanding how various aspects of diversity and inclusion affect us can help us all be more understanding of and welcoming to others that aren’t like us. It’s critical in the financial planning business if we’re to reach new markets and prospective customers. And in the words of LPL’s CEO Dan Arnold, “it’s simply the right thing to do.”

Watch the complete episode for more insights on diversity and inclusion from people experiencing it on the frontlines of the financial planning business.

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