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Diversity and Inclusion

At LPL, we believe that objective financial guidance is a fundamental need for everyone. Embracing and leveraging employee and advisor diversity helps us fulfill that need.

Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels they can contribute to their best work, allowing us to better serve our clients and each other.

- Michelle Oroschakoff, Managing Director, Chief Legal & Risk Officer

Embrace differences and fuel growth

Diversity and inclusion are more than business imperatives or human resources initiatives for LPL. They’re essential in harnessing the power of different ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives to drive growth, foster innovation, and create business value throughout our organization and industry.

Our vision is to continue to be among the nation’s best independent brokers/dealers — and the most inclusive place for financial advisors in the industry. From advisor recruitment and training to strengthening our culture of inclusiveness for advisors and employees, we’re making this vision a reality.

Expand advisor diversity and reach

Today’s investors are multi-generational, multi-cultural, include members of the LGBT community, have served our country, and more. All deserve access to objective financial advice.

To reflect this diverse marketplace, we’re strengthening our focus on attracting, developing, and collaborating with an equally diverse range of advisors. That includes creating resources to help our advisors grow their businesses by connecting with a wide array of investor groups.

We also launched the LPL Advisor Inclusion Council (AIC), comprised of a diverse group of representatives from advisor firms and institutions, along with LPL leaders. They’re contributing to solutions for three primary goals:

  • Attract more advisors that reflect the changing marketplace
  • Help advisors grow their business by engaging new investor markets
  • Create inclusive opportunities for advisors to connect, learn, and share best practices

In addition, programming on investor and advisor diversity is increasingly a highlight at Focus, LPL’s annual financial advisor conference. Our diversity and inclusion video series, Around the Table, also has proven effective in providing important insights from advisors dealing with diversity and inclusion issues on the frontlines.

Increase workplace diversity and inclusiveness

Attracting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live and work continues to be a primary focus at LPL. Just as important is ensuring that we provide a welcoming, inclusive workplace for all.

We aspire to maintain a culture that supports, inspires, and respects everyone. We encourage all employees to participate in LPL’s overall success, whether through individual talents and skills, suggestions for better ways of doing things, or other contributions they choose to make.

Share interests and experiences

Among the ways LPL fosters diversity and a culture of inclusivity is through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs bring together employees who share common interests and experiences.

To support professional development, as well as employee and community engagement, LPL’s ERGs sponsor a variety of events. They include seminars, guest speakers, meet-and-greets, and charitable activities. LPL employees can join existing ERGs or create new ones. Currently, over 30% of LPL’s employees belong to at least one ERG.

Current ERGs include: 

  • AfricanAmericans@LPL
  • Asians@LPL
  • Hispanics@LPL
  • PrideAlliance@LPL
  • Veterans@LPL
  • Women@LPL
  • WorkingParents@LPL
  • YoungProfessionals@LPL
  • PeoplewithdisAbilities@LPL​

Throughout the year, we also use podcasts, articles, and other materials and events to exchange ideas and perspectives. In addition, we take advantage of national awareness campaigns to learn about various cultures and ideologies.

From African American History Month, Women’s History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month to National Pride Month and National Diversity Awareness Month, we celebrate the contributions of various groups, learn to overcome biases and break down barriers, and strengthen our resolve to keep doing more.

Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Our diversity and inclusion efforts are important in supporting our network of advisors and helping to make objective financial guidance available to everyone.