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The Advisor’s Guide to Connecting with Your Clients through Digital Marketing

Promote your value proposition where your clients are — in the digital environment

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To effectively promote your financial advisor business and value proposition to prospective clients and maintain a connection to your existing clients, take advantage of digital marketing. Using best practices and a marketing plan allocating required resources, you target client messages in the realm they frequent — the digital environment.

The focal point where email, Social Media and webinar efforts converge is your website, the “front door” of your business that is constantly updated with information that speaks to your targeted audience. Its design should be eye catching with highly readable content optimized for search engine results and clear calls to action on every page.

Your email marketing strategy centers on the purpose behind such client contact. To avoid deletion as spam, your emails should feature relatable newsletters, Q&As and news roundups. Leverage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to further develop client relationships and add value to your brand, while educating your client base through webinars that can reveal essential information in a simple format. 

To learn how to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts as a financial advisor, download our white paper, The Advisor’s Guide to Digital Marketing, today.

Business today gets done not only through a handshake and signature, but with the click of a mouse, post of a tweet, and ping of an inbox. This digital era provides a variety of opportunities for you to get in front of more potential clients than ever, and to stay fully engaged with your existing client base.