Explore Your Options Within the Evolving RIA Model

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RIA your way to more freedom and control over your business.

It’s no wonder why more financial advisors are considering the RIA model. From increased control and higher payouts to the flexibility to run your business your way, the benefits are certainly compelling. But operating and maintaining an RIA also carries certain regulatory and compliance responsibilities. Is it the right move for you?

To help you answer that question, LPL Financial has created a comprehensive resource that addresses must-consider topics like:

  • Whether to start your own RIA or join an established firm
  • What to do about brokerage business and FINRA licensing
  • Legal and regulatory obligations
  • Outsourcing and support solutions, and much more

Some candid self-reflection can go a long way toward helping you answer these questions. Start by getting to the heart of your why. To take a deeper dive, download a copy of our RIA Your Way: Exploring the Evolving RIA Model white paper.

We’re here to put our experience and resources to work for you. Let’s get started.

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