LPL Advisor Diversity and Inclusion Leader Lauren Taylor shares how representation matters, and how this series brings unique voices to a virtual roundtable

“Representation matters.”

These two words have been paired together time and again in conversations taking place in living rooms, conference rooms, and news rooms alike. Each of these conversations echo the need to see more reflection of underrepresented demographics in positions of leadership and influence. However, progress toward positive change remains slow — particularly in the financial services industry.

“I pursued a finance major in college, but still didn’t have any heroes or ‘she-roes’ in this space I could identify with.”

I wasn’t immediately aware of all of the opportunities for Black women in financial services. As a child, or even a college student, I didn’t say “I want to be a leader in financial services diversity and inclusion when I grow up.” Although I pursued a finance major in college – as business felt like a practical route – I still didn’t have any heroes or “she-roes” in this space to look to, who I could identify with on a personal level.

Fast-forward to 2021, and I am now in a position where I’m surrounded daily by amazing leaders in this space — financial advisors and professionals from diverse backgrounds, all of whom navigated the challenges, barriers, and lack of representation. They found themselves able to provide their clients the guidance to help make their financial aspirations a reality.

LPL Advisor Diversity and Inclusion team

At LPL, our Advisor Diversity and Inclusion team intentionally cultivates spaces for underrepresented advisor groups to connect, share best business practices, and feel a part of a community of peers who may have similar backgrounds and shared experiences in navigating their careers.

We aim to ensure that these advisors feel connected to the broader LPL family, and informed on the breadth of resources available to support their success. We also seek opportunities to highlight the voices of our Advisor Business Community members, in hopes that their stories and insights might incite motivation, empathy, and even inspiration for the next generation of talented leaders to add “financial advisor” to their menu of career options.

Around the Table Series

This iteration of the Around the Table series will feature several of our esteemed Black financial advisors at LPL, sharing their unique perspectives on overcoming barriers to success, why they chose the independent financial advisor path, and how we as an industry can better serve the Black community. We invite you to follow us through each episode of this series, and to take a moment to get to know these advisors in the videos below.



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