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At LPL, we have the resources you, as an advisor deserve, to build the practice you want — flexibility, greater control, and competitive payouts.

Advisors Drive the Future of Financial Advice

That's why, at LPL Financial, you're always in the driver's seat.

Founded on the principle that we should work for you — not the other way around — at LPL Financial, we remain committed to keeping advisors at the center of everything we do. You’re the reason we exist.

Whatever your vision of the future, we’ll partner with you every step of the way to help you realize it. With our comprehensive support and broad spectrum of ways to partner, from our employee model to RIA custody offerings, you'll have the resources to build and grow your practice — your way, on your terms.

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We Take Care of Our Advisors

So Advisors Take Care of Their Clients

Your business is a reflection of you. And we believe that you should always be the architect of your own vision. That’s why you have the power to personalize how you work with us.

Whether you’re looking for increased flexibility and competitive payouts, greater control over expenses, an opportunity to broaden your service offering and grow your client base — or a combination of these — we’re here to deliver what you need. You'll find the tools you need to fuel growth, profitability, and efficiency, so you can focus what's most important: delivering an excellent client experience.

At LPL, your greatness is our goal.

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Your journey begins here. Find support for you and your practice through:

Leadership, Size, and Strength*

We like numbers, but our real value is all about supporting you. From the ways you can partner with us, to running your perfect practice. At LPL, you’re more than just a number.


Brokerage and advisory client assets, serviced or custodied


Financial professionals serviced


Financial institution partners

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Ranked no. 440 on the Fortune 500 list1

Read why your peers chose LPL, and envision your future with us.

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“What LPL offers with Linsco is really exciting. We own our practice, but we do not have to worry about the operations side of the practice. It allows us to focus on clients’ first and really give them the white glove service they deserve. By joining LPL, we can keep our clients’ best interests at the forefront of everything.”

Tracy Applewhite and Sean Tyll II, Applewhite Tyll Retirement Planners

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LPL is in a position to say, ‘We’ll support you in what you want to do. What we try to do for advisors is what LPL is trying to do for us. They’re telling us, ‘You can still be what you want to be, and we’ll support you.’ They get in the weeds for you. Others say they offer partnership, but LPL actually delivers it.

Ryan Todd, CPA and James Spinelli, Great Valley Advisor Group

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But no question about It, when I was back at the wirehouse. I saw no vision for my family being in this industry. And, now you fast forward to where we are today, I have one of my kids asking about coming into the industry, and I’m really excited.

Mike Ashworth, Ashworth Financial Group

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Learn strategies you can use to more effectively guide your clients and build your practice.

Let’s build the future. Together.

As your complete wealth management partner, we’re here to help you build your future. Think of us as your back, middle, and front office partner, combining strategic solutions, services, and tools.

With LPL, you have a:

  • Self-clearing partner
  • Compliance and risk management partner
  • Business solutions partner
  • Wealth management partner

No matter where you are in your career, or what kind of partnership you’re looking for, our approach to wealth management is designed to create a seamless, more rewarding experience for you.

LPL Advisor Paths

As an advisor, growing your financial practice means having a continuous commitment to learning and evolving. Read through actionable strategies and insights you can use to efficiently run your business, as well as the latest news and updates from LPL Financial.

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Elevating HNW Advisor Business through Whole Client Approach

| LPL Financial

It’s essential for advisors serving high-net-worth clients to find ways to differentiate themselves. Whole client approach is one of those options. Learn more.

Jason Valle’s Advisor Success: Born from Diversity & Inclusion

| LPL Financial

The experience and perspective Jason Valle brings to his clients can be traced back to his family, his educational and professional experiences, and being a member of LPL's Advisor Inclusion Council.

LPL Financial Scores 100 for Fifth Consecutive Year for LGBTQ+ Workplace Equality

| LPL Financial

For the fifth consecutive year, LPL Financial has received a score of 100 in national assessment of LGBTQ+ workplace equality. Learn more.

4 Ways Financial Advisors Can Grow Their Business

| LPL Financial

Learn more about the four strategies financial advisors can use to stay competitive, meet clients’ evolving needs, and grow their business.

LPL Financial Advisors | Forbes 2024 Best-in-State Report

| LPL Financial

A record number of LPL Financial affiliated advisors made Forbes 2024 Best-in-State Wealth Advisors report. Learn the secrets of their success and what it takes to become a top financial advisor.

Why Partnering with LPL Makes Sense for Financial Institutions

| LPL Financial

Stay ahead with LPL Institution’s platform comprehensive solution that can elevate your firm's wealth management program.

Keep Intergenerational Wealth in Your Financial Practice

| LPL Financial

Learn four strategies that can help financial advisors establish a foundation of trust with their clients’ heirs and retain key relationships before – and after – a generational wealth transfer.

How to Know It’s Time to Sell Your Financial Advisory Practice

| LPL Financial

As your financial advisory business nears peak value, it can be difficult to step away. Whether your practice has grown, you’re ready for a change, or are exploring retirement, it may be time to consider selling.

Financial Advisors Guide to Remote Work: How to Work from Home

| LPL Financial

The Covid-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for a tech evolution in the financial advice industry and firms put a premium on technology to ensure financial advisors had the tools to work efficiently, securely, and compliantly – from home.

5 Keys to Succession Planning Success for Advisors

| LPL Financial

Learn 5 keys to successful succession planning that can help financial advisors build value in their business and reach a liquidity event.

Practice Hub: Insights to Accelerate an Advisor’s Business

| LPL Financial

Providing metrics that provide visibility into your progress, ability to set goals, or benchmark success, and help to run your business. Take a look at Practice Hub.

Strategic Wealth Services Runs the Business for Indie Advisors

| LPL Financial

AdvisorHub shares how LPL Financial’s Strategic Wealth Services helps growth-oriented advisors enjoy the benefits of independence with support from experts who run the operational parts of the business.

How to Build a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan [2024 update]

| LPL Financial

A defined marketing plan can help advisors like you communicate your brand and value to prospective clients to grow your business. LPL Financial can help by providing consulting, automation, content, and other services and tools that save you time while maximizing your visibility.

Solving Advisors’ Top Transition Concerns: How LPL Is Doing It

| LPL Financial

Learn how LPL Financial is driving innovation to reduce the complexity, time, and workload – while increasing overall satisfaction – for financial advisors transitioning their practice.

Institutions: LPL is Dreaming Bigger

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial’s Ken Hullings was interviewed for an InvestmentNews podcast. He discusses how banks, credit unions, and insurance companies are staying competitive at LPL.

Goals-Based Financial Planning Guide

| LPL Financial

Advisors are discovering the benefits of goals-based financial planning to help clients of every generation plan with purpose and build a strong foundation along the way. Learn how you can, too.

Two LPL Advisors Share the Why of a Values-Based Approach

| LPL Financial

Learn how upholding their firm’s core values helps successful financial advisors increase their professional fulfillment, and the satisfaction and retention of their staff and clients.

How Advisors Create Differentiation with Holistic Financial Planning

| LPL Financial

Discover how successful financial advisors incorporate comprehensive financial planning to increase client loyalty, satisfaction, and retention by caring for every aspect of clients’ financial lives.

How Successful Financial Advisors Scale Their Business

| LPL Financial

Learn how the top 10% of LPL Financial’s advisors scale their business and create the efficiencies needed to drive and support growth.

Business-Building Strategies

| LPL Financial

There’s no shortage of ways to build a successful business, but there are some commonalities. Discover key strategies shared by the top 10% of LPL Financial’s advisors that yield exceptional results.

A Focus on Diverse Communities Inspired by LPL Financial

| Beth Csengody, Vice President, Advisor Diversity and Inclusion, LPL Financial

LPL celebrates diversity and inclusion, emphasizing the need for expanding the universe of advisors to serve a diverse client base. This focus is why I joined LPL Financial.

5 Factors for Advisors to Consider When Joining an RIA Firm

| LPL Financial

Joining an RIA is a great solution for financial advisors who want more freedom and control over their business without starting a new venture from the ground up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Starting an RIA - Answered

| LPL Financial

Interested in starting your own RIA? Learn key steps in the process, the average costs, and typical timeline for a successful launch.

Top Valuation Factors for Advisors

| LPL Financial

Understanding the M&A market is essential for advisors contemplating a transaction. Learn the real factors that determine a practice’s value and create opportunities for the future.

Transition Checklist for Financial Advisors Making a Move

| LPL Financial

Changing firms doesn’t have to be daunting. Check out these transition tips to help financial advisors navigate the onboarding process smoothly and launch their new business with as little disruption as possible.

RIA 101: Understanding the Registered Investment Advisor Model

| LPL Financial

RIAs are the fastest-growing category in U.S. wealth management since 2016. In 2022, Cerulli estimated 2,100+ advisors joined the RIA channel, bringing roughly $290 billion in client assets.* What’s driving this growth?

How Wealth Management Leaders Create Value

| LPL Financial

Service and value status quos are changing. In order to remain competitive and retain top talent, wealth management firms need to fuel growth opportunities and provide advisors the tools and resources they need to serve their clients.

How Succession Plans Fuel Growth

| LPL Financial

Succession planning isn’t just a retirement strategy—it’s a powerful way financial professionals can discover untapped potential in their business and leverage opportunities for long-term growth.

Buying a Financial Advisory Practice: 3 Common Deal Structures

| LPL Financial

Learn the three most common deal structures to help you buy or sell a book of business and prepare you for the ownership transition.

Top 5 Reasons Financial Advisors Choose to Go Independent

| LPL Financial

Can the independent financial services model help financial advisors experience greater fulfillment in their pursuit of work-life balance?

How Advisors Can Create – & Improve – Their Value Proposition

| LPL Financial

Learn how to create and evaluate your value proposition statement to effectively connect with prospective clients — and set your financial practice apart from the competition.

Questions Financial Professionals Should Ask Clients

| LPL Financial

Check out these tips for better questions financial professionals should be asking their clients as a way to build trust and become more successful.

How to Become an Independent Financial Advisor

| LPL Financial

Could the independent financial services model be the key to unlocking the freedom, flexibility, and control you need to build your business and serve your clients your way?

How Independent Advisors Can Choose the Right Broker-Dealer

| LPL Financial

Is it time for a new broker-dealer? Deciding to affiliate with a different broker-dealer is one of the most pivotal decisions advisors can make. By comprehensively comparing how potential partners stack up, you can gain the clarity you need to move forward with an independent broker-dealer. See how independence is better with the right partner.

LPL’s Supported Independence Solutions, Plus Recruiting News

| LPL Financial

Read about how LPL is answering financial professionals’ desire for supported independence solutions, and the firm’s early 2023 recruiting and acquisition success.

What Investors Value in Advice

| LPL Financial

As investors become generally more educated and savvy regarding financial matters, the value of a financial advisor has changed. So what do clients want from their financial advisor? Clients now seek a more of a holistic relationship with their financial professional and value the expertise, trust and reputation of their advisor, as well as clear and consistent communication.

LPL Financial Recognized as Most Responsible by Newsweek

| LPL Financial

Companies that focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices are becoming increasingly recognized and rewarded. LPL Financial is one such company, and has earned recognition from Newsweek as one of America's Most Responsible Companies 2023. LPL is on the list for the fourth consecutive year. This distinction speaks to LPL's commitment to ESG practices, which are becoming more important to investors and consumers alike.

LPL in the News: Growth Trends, Supported Independence, Joins

| LPL Financial

Catch up on highlights of LPL Financial’s media coverage in December, from exec insights into the growing demand for supported independence, to recruiting milestones for LPL and its affiliates.

How Financial Advisors Can Generate More Client Referrals

| LPL Financial

Client referrals are a great way for financial advisors to grow their book of business. Learn how to ask your existing clients for referrals and create a community of happy clientele.

5 Prospecting Tips for Financial Advisors to Build A Prospect Pipeline

| LPL Financial

Just as the financial advice industry has evolved over the years, so have standard financial advisor prospecting ideas. LPL Financial offers a variety of tips on how financial advisors can generate leads — and how to engage those prospective clients.

How Tower 68, Strategic Wealth Services Navigate Financial Currents

| LPL Financial

“Today we’re in a market where the tide is out and the rip currents are pretty tumultuous. It doesn’t really matter where you’re swimming, you’re getting sucked out to sea. That’s a very difficult thing to deal with,” notes Ken South, founder of Tower 68 Financial Advisors. During times like these, investors need steadfast guidance.

Breaking Recruiting Records & Launching New Offerings

| LPL Financial

Catch up on LPL Financial’s media coverage in November, including their record-breaking recruiting and acquisition success, and the launch of new business services for its growing network of nearly 21,000 financial advisors, 1,100 institution-based investment programs, and 500 independent registered investment advisory firms.

Improving Value of Business

| LPL Financial

Whether you’re looking to grow organically, or through acquisition, it’s important to understand what drives your business’s market value and how you can improve it.

Financial Planning for Client Acquisition Success

| LPL Financial

In this follow-up to Increasing Client Acquisition Success with Outsourcing, we’ll explore how LPL Financial’s high performers leverage financial planning to drive growth.

Increase Client Acquisition Success with Outsourcing

| LPL Financial

What’s the secret to high performers’ success? You may be surprised by the key drivers LPL Financial uncovered for achieving greater client acquisition success.

Case Study: How Two Advisors Found Their Ideal Succession Plan

| LPL Financial

“The Strategic Wealth Services platform makes it very simple. I don’t have all those things to worry about on a regular basis. I’ve heard so many folks say before that if they had just known how nice it was going to be, they would have gone a lot sooner. For me, that’s been the case. It’s been eye opening for sure.” – Mike Ashworth

Affiliation Flexibility & Recruiting Post-Covid | LPL Advisor

| LPL Financial

Learn about LPL Financial’s various affiliation models, which are designed to offer advisors the flexibility to run their practice on their terms, and how the firm’s culture and service offerings are helping woo prospects.

The Value of Working with a Junior Financial Advisor

| LPL Financial

As the current demographic of financial advisors continues to age, the industry needs a new generation of professionals in order to stay relevant and efficient. Junior financial advisors are more tech and social media savvy, can relate more to younger clientele, and can aid in succession planning making them a huge value add to any financial practice.

Cybersecurity Month | Keeping Financial Firms & Client Data Safe

| LPL Financial

At LPL Financial, security is built into everything we do. Get the resources and tools needed to keep Cybersecurity at the core of your business.

Advisor Bookkeeping Solution & Recruiting Success | LPL News

| LPL Financial

Learn about LPL Financial’s new Bookkeeping Services solution, as well as the firm’s recent recruiting success, commitment to banks and credit unions, and focus on diversity.

How to Break Away From the Wirehouse and Become Independent

| LPL Financial

With more advisors leaving wirehouses and wanting to become independent, LPL Financial offers several supported models to make that possible. You can focus on your clients and we’ll do the rest.

The Pain Points of Wirehouse Advisors | Payouts & Support

| LPL Financial

Today’s advisors face new challenges when it comes to operating in big wirehouses. With a lack of flexibility in compensation and a lack of support, more advisors are seeking to break away from the wirehouse and seek a path to independence. Through LPL Financial’s services and business models, advisors can confidently step into their own path.

Client-Facing Tech & Recruiting Records | LPL in the News

| LPL Financial

Learn about how LPL Financial is boosting advisors’ value propositions to clients through technology and how the firm is accelerating its recruiting efforts.

Paul Cohen: From Startup to Major League RIA Case Study

| LPL Financial

Entrepreneurs like Paul Cohen crave the freedom of running their own business. But that doesn’t mean they have to stand alone. With LPL, Cohen found a winning combination of freedom and support for his growing RIA.

RIAs & Evolution of Custody, Plus Recruiting Milestones at LPL

| LPL Financial

Explore the evolution of custody with an LPL exec, read about recruiting milestones, and recent joins.

LPL Research’s Midyear Outlook 2022 Offers Financial Forecasts

| LPL Financial

This recently published report, “Midyear Outlook 2022: Navigating Turbulence,” gives advisors key insights on what the markets have shown in the first half of the year, and in-depth market forecasts around what LPL Research expects in the second half of the year.

Why Technology Could Be Financial Advisors' Key to Growth

Technology has emerged as a clear and critical differentiator for advisors looking to retain investing clients and grow their practice for the future. Advisors and broker-dealers that prioritize the investment and utilization of technology have a significant strategic advantage in an increasingly digitally-savvy marketplace due to several key factors.

New Service, Plus Advisor & Exec Interviews | LPL in the News

| LPL Financial

Discover the new LPL Private Client Services Network, learn about new joins, and hear from LPL advisors and execs about industry and market trends.

LPL’s Gary Carrai: Tech Gets Personal | T3 Post-Panel Insights

| LPL Financial

During a pandemic that altered how financial professionals interfaced with investors, LPL’s advisors had the technology to continue enriching and personalizing client experiences. Following his T3 Conference appearance, LPL Executive Vice President of Wealth Management Solutions, Gary Carrai, shared three tech trends advisors can expect.

New LPL Milestones and Ongoing Growth | LPL in the News

| LPL Financial

Discover LPL’s recent growth, joins, and distinctions, highlighted by news that the firm topped 20,000 advisors in Q1 2022.

4 Ways Advisor Empathy Can Build Client Trust During Volatility

| LPL Financial

Drastic market fluctuations can cause stress for financial professionals and investors alike. For advisors, empathy is the key to effectively supporting, reassuring, and building trust with clients during unexpected and challenging moments in their investment journeys.

Shanghai Connection, Corporate Sustainability | LPL in the News

| LPL Financial

In April, LPL Financial and advisors associated with LPL sprinkled the headlines. There were success stories and features about recent joins, as well as news about LPL’s 2022 Sustainability Report and new paraplanning offering.

Strategic Wealth & Advisor Growth | LPL's Month in Headlines

| LPL Financial

Last month, LPL Financial garnered positive press for the many benefits of its Strategic Wealth model, as well as for recent joins, its transition experience, and the recognition of top LPL-affiliated advisors.

Financial Advisors Making their Mark at Credit Unions

| LPL Financial

As credit unions expand and elevate their financial advice services offering, a unique opportunity is emerging for financial advisors who may be considering a change. In fact, many advisors associated with credit unions are growing their businesses at an accelerated pace.

LPL Financial Discusses Financial Institution Services Evolution

| LPL Financial

WealthManagement.com speaks with LPL Financial’s Shawn Mihal about LPL’s strategy to further help financial institutions grow their investment programs in today’s evolving environment, while continuing to support the financial advisors who work at these banks and credit unions.

Mindy Diamond Spotlights LPL's Perspective on Advisor Choices

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial’s Kimberly Sanders joined Mindy and Louis Diamond to discuss the trend for advisor independence — and how LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services model is meeting their needs. This supported independence model enables advisors to run independent practices while they benefit from a suite of services and support of dedicated LPL teams.

Case Study: Applewhite Tyll Retirement Planners

| LPL Financial

“We get the feel of independence. We own our own business. But we have the support of everyone in the background making it happen. We’re independent advisors who have healthcare and a 401(k).”

LPL Leader Offers Perspective on Mood of Financial Industry

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial leader Shawn Mihal spoke with the Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA) on the growth opportunities for financial advisors and institutions, outlining how LPL is adapting to provide banks and credit unions the resources they need to meet the demands of their customers seeking personal wealth management guidance.

LPL Strategic Wealth Services Attracts 20th Advisor Team

| LPL Financial

The Walker Covey Wealth Advisor team boasts over 20 years of financial guidance experience and is committed to supporting clients at every step of their financial journey. “We are excited to build a practice where can provide our clients with high-touch service to help relieve some of their financial worries,” Walker said.

LPL Financial in the News | LPL's Month in Headlines

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial continues growing as advisors seek flexible business models and enhanced capabilities that help them stand out in the market. On the investment management front, LPL is recognized for its access to sustainable investing options, while the Research team pursues more data on diversity and inclusion in the managers they cover.

LPL Supporting Women Advisors: Deborah Danielson's Story

| LPL Financial

“I dwell in possibility.” The opening line of Emily Dickinson’s poem on the power of writing can also serve as the anthem for how financial advisors serve their clients—and the philosophy of Women’s History Month.

Financial Advice Moves from the Office to Work from Home

| LPL Financial

Financial advisors working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic were able to preview life outside the office of the traditional wirehouse and boutique financial firms, and they liked what they saw.

Case Study: SmithSandlin Wealth Planning Finds Match in LPL

| LPL Financial

When the SmithSandlin partners joined Linsco by LPL Financial, the firm’s new employee model, it provided a comprehensive level of support they had enjoyed as W-2 employees. They also found they would own their own book and be allowed to market themselves under their own brand.

What Financial Advisors Can Get Wrong about Technology

| LPL Financial

“In the last 10 years, you've had dramatic change and innovation, which has been wonderful. But it's created an issue where either advisors don't know what to use, or if they are choosing different technologies that are disparate and not connected to each other, and it creates efficiency issues.”

Becoming an Independent Financial Advisor Just Got Easier

| LPL Financial

Leaving a wirehouse to go independent can be met with trepidation. Advisor Mike Ashworth wished he’d made the move sooner. “I’ve heard, it sounds sort of cliché. If you’d known what it was going to be like to be independent, you’d have done it a lot sooner.” Learn what he has to say about that journey with LPL.

Growing Forward into the Future | LPL's Month in Headlines

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial continues growing as more advisors seek flexible business models, such as Linsco by LPL Financial, that offer independence and opportunities to capitalize on their own authenticity in the face of massive industry consolidation. As LPL celebrates its past through present milestones, analysts offer insights to the future 2022 may bring for advisors and their clients.

Record Numbers: LPL Financial’s Month in Headlines

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial is seeing growth in asset management as new, diverse advisors bring their vision for success and join through LPL’s affiliations and business models that offer the support independent advisors and institutions are craving.

LPL’s Intends to Close the Diversity Gap for Financial Advisors

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial remains focused and intentional when it comes to building communities of support, while offering the tools and services needed for independent advisors to continue connecting with diverse investors’ values and evolving interests.

LPL Financial’s RIA Offerings Gain Appeal with Advisors

| LPL Financial

Trends reveal Registered Investment Advisors’ need for dynamic support available through LPL Financial’s RIA offerings. Meanwhile, insights shared by LPL leaders at InvestmentNews RIA Summit, further reflect LPL’s capabilities to help RIAs capitalize on industry boom.

Platforms & Progress: LPL Financial’s Month in Headlines

| LPL Financial

Read the latest headlines featuring LPL, along with a few noteworthy announcements from the LPL team.

LPL Financial’s Month in Headlines: Award-Worthy Growth

| LPL Financial

Read the latest headlines featuring LPL, along with a few noteworthy announcements from the LPL team.

Women in Finance Find Success at LPL Financial

| LPL Financial

Women-led firms continue to find success at LPL and choose LPL Financial as their home. At LPL Financial, more women advisors are finding what they need to thrive and providing women investors the financial advisors they prefer.

LPL’s Mission of Taking Care of Advisors Leads to $1 Trillion in Assets

| LPL Financial

As of June 2021, the firm officially holds over $1 trillion in brokerage and advisory assets. With an increase of over 2000 advisors in a year over year comparison, it seems LPL’s appeal is growing with financial professionals across the industry—including larger firms.

Successful Advisor Ron Davidson Finds Successor at LPL

| LPL Financial

After 35 years, Ron Davidson started considering a well-earned retirement. Ron’s number one goal for his over 600 clients was to ensure they would be taken care of with a rock-solid transition plan. After meeting with LPL Diversity and Inclusion’s Lauren Taylor Riley and Rutledge Financial Partners Nick Miles, CFP®, the wheels were set in motion.

Dan Arnold Provides Insight into LPL’s Success Pre & Post Pandemic

| LPL Financial

In a recent episode of “The Playbook,” hosted by David Meltzer, Dan Arnold shares more on his career, LPL’s future, and how LPL unknowingly found itself in the perfect position to successfully pivot in a challenging year.

LPL Financial’s Strategic Wealth Services Sees Momentum

| LPL Financial

At its heart, LPL Strategic Wealth Services is a breakaway solution to help wirehouse advisors go independent. But it’s so much more—it’s a team of LPL partners who run advisor businesses on their behalf. Strategic Wealth Services offers the opportunity to realize the benefits of independence without the headaches of entrepreneurship.

LPL’s Fee-Only RIA Support Tool Makes Financial Headlines

| LPL Financial

LPL's Registered Investment Advisor business model has evolved to meet RIA advisors needs. Now LPL will serve broker-dealers & fiduciary-based advisors. Read what Marc Cohen, Executive Vice President of Advisor Business, had to say to Wealth Management.

Women-Led Platinum Wealth Management Joins LPL Financial

| LPL Financial

Platinum Wealth Management’s Gena Barbato and Beth Woodward are taking steps in building their vision of success. By partnering with LPL Financial, Gena and Beth join an increasing demographic of women advisors looking to grow their business their way through the opportunities LPL’s independent model provides.

AdvisorHub’s Meet the Custodian Spotlights LPL Financial

| LPL Financial

AdvisorHub Magazine’s “Meet the Custodian” invited Marc Cohen to share what sets LPL Financial apart for providing RIAs custodian services and support.

Mindy Diamond Profiles the Reinvention of LPL Financial

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial is evolving to serve advisors a custodian, clearing firm, technology provider, back-office support, & business partner. Mindy Diamond talks with LPL’s Rich Steinmeier & Marc Cohen about this evolution and what’s still ahead.

AdvisorHub Profiles How LPL Helped Great Valley RIA Grow

| LPL Financial

RIAs that want to grow often look to private equity funding – which can result in the loss of control. AdvisorHub Magazine profiles how Great Valley leaned on their custodian, LPL Financial, for options.

PSECU Contracts with LPL Financial for Wealth Management

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial’s Institutional Services' dedication to growing wealth management programs located at credit unions may help PSECU members pursue their financial goals.

WWK Investments' Leaving Schwab Spotlights LPL’s Support

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial’s commitment to 100% advisor support allowed WWK Investments to make a bold move.

InvestmentNews Highlights LPL Insights on RIA Valuations

| LPL Financial

In this interview, LPL Financial's Jeremy Holly discusses the current trends for RIA valuations & how advisors are setting up their practices for success.

Finding More Time

| LPL Financial

In an interview with InvestmentNews, LPL Financial Managing Director Burt White discusses how technology can help free up a critical resource for advisors.

Podcast: LPL’s New Employee Model

| LPL Financial

LPL Financial’s new independent employee advisor model is shaking up the financial services industry with greater freedom and competitive advantages for advisors.

3 Strategies for Staying in Touch with Clients in Turbulent Times

| LPL Financial

Tools, technology, and materials advisors can use to connect with clients and thrive

How Financial Advisors Can Thrive Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

| LPL Financial

If you can start thinking of yourself as a thrivalist—someone who rises above and emerges from a difficult time stronger than they were before—you may find exciting opportunities in your financial practice and even, perhaps, your life as a whole.

Success Story: Intellectual Capital Group

| LPL Financial

The team ICG agreed that to grow the business the way they intended, they’d need to find a way to scale. They began the search for a partner that would support them in the growth they wanted while providing them the support they needed to make ICG the independent firm they all envisioned—and found their perfect partner in LPL.

Success Story: Former Advisor Returns to LPL for More Personalized Support

| LPL Financial

Patriot Wealth Management returns to LPL after nearly a decade away, citing modern technology, rich resources, and most importantly, company culture as driving forces.

Success Story: Long-time Advisor Makes Big Ideas Happen with LPL

| LPL Financial

Mark Leibman shares why he has partnered with LPL since 1994 and the many changes he’s seen as both companies have grown. Working with LPL, Leibman has embraced digital marketing and is a big fan of SAM, giving his investors access to a wide variety of investments.

Case Story: Women-Led Practice FPD Leaves Firm for Stability

Financial Planning Department partnered with LPL and were impressed by the technology, the in-house research department and, most of all, the people. The team has found their new partners at LPL understand the support they need as advisors and are committed to their success.

Case Study: Premier Investments

| LPL Financial

The advisors at Premier Investments take a leap to increase efficiency, knowledge and service.

Case Study: BMG Advisors Join LPL for Greater Strength and Agility

| LPL Financial

Independent Financial Advisors Make a Move to Increase Client Offerings

What Drives Practice Value

| LPL Financial

Whether you’re looking to grow organically or through acquisition, it’s critical to understand what drives your value. Learn what activities drive long-term practice value, when it makes sense to outsource non-core functions, and how to access the broad resources and specialized support you need to pursue your growth goals.

4 Ways Empathy Can Help Clients Through Volatility

| LPL Financial

Times of market volatility can raise sensitivity for advisors and clients alike. Advisors who use empathy to navigate these waters carefully can decrease client sensitivity, provide reassurance, and build long-term trust.

Show Your Value in 3 Simple Steps

| LPL Financial

Many advisors think investment management is their primary value, but some prospects may be looking for something else: someone they can trust, who understands their unique circumstances, and who is focused on their goals. Learn the three simple steps you can take to demonstrate to today’s investors that you offer the value they seek.

3 Reasons 2018 is the Year to Go Independent

| LPL Financial

With an environment of growing opportunity in investor attitudes, the tools available to establish and run your business, and the urgency created by firms leaving Broker Protocol, we’re calling it: 2018 is the year of the independent advisor.

Millennials, Gen X & Baby Boomers: How to Attract Clients of Different Ages

| LPL Financial

Millennials, generation X and baby boomers present their own unique preferences and challenges to advisors. These generations do share a few things in common, as each is comfortable with technology and social media while desiring to be treated as an individual. However, there are significant differences that must be taken into account.

The Growing Demand for Exceptional Client Service

| LPL Financial

As consumers demand more from their financial advisors, how do you grow your business while still offering personalized client service? The right approach, resources and service model can allow you to cater to individual investor needs and creating an exceptional client experience.

The LPL Story: How We Grew by Focusing on the Individual

| LPL Financial

Learn how LPL Financial became the largest independent broker dealer by supporting advisor independence, anticipating trends and advocating the unconventional.

5 Steps for Managing Change

| LPL Financial

Even when you know it’s time for a change, working your way through it can be daunting, requiring perseverance and teamwork. If you’re transitioning to a new partner firm or considering doing so, your journey can be made easier with a coherent internal process and knowing what to look for in a partner.

Financial Planning for the Future

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Take control of the clock—make the most of the time you have available by developing repeatable workflows for practice management. Creating a standardized process for financial planning and service can help you save time and focus more on the activities that drive value for your practice and clients.


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