Building Client Success: Partnership and Innovation at LPL

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Last Updated: June 11, 2024

Joe Geis, Pioneer Wealth Management and Jess Dohner, Johnson Financial Group

Client Solutions: Stay a Step Ahead

As a financial professional, you play a unique role in helping your clients pursue their financial goals and life ambitions. You remove obstacles and build bridges to make sure your clients’ needs are met. By taking advantage of the resources and tools available at LPL Financial, you can best serve your clients today, and move your business — and their futures — forward tomorrow.

Joe Geis, program manager with Pioneer Wealth Management, understands the value of a strong team of financial advisors. With access to some of the most advanced tools for client account management through LPL, they’re able to take care of their clients, which is Geis's top priority.

Program manager for Johnson Financial Group, Jess Dohner, feels similarly. His philosophy is knowing clients personally will help his advisors best work toward their clients’ financial dreams. He uses LPL’s digital resources to free up time for advisors so they can focus on clients, and lets technology do the rest behind the scenes to support their business.

Transform Your Client Services Through Technology and Partnership

“LPL is the right home for us because they're doing a great job today giving us the solutions we need, but they've got an eye towards tomorrow as to where the industry's going and how we can succeed in the future,” said Dohner.

In this video, Dohner and Geis share how partnering with LPL gives their financial institutions access to cutting-edge technology and tools that help them focus on their business and clients’ needs.

Jess Dohner:

When I look at the industry, I think that our job is a unique one. We're not selling someone something that they may or may not need, but rather we're helping them reach the goals and the dreams that they have for the future. And when I look at my role within all of that, I feel it's my job to build bridges and eliminate obstacles so that my advisors can be even more successful and do a better job of helping their clients.

Joe Geis:

So my focus is I enjoy making my team better, right? Because I know when they're better, their clients win. And, you know, nothing is better than presenting in a room and talking to someone and their eyes light up, because that's when they get it. And then they put what we're talking about into their strategy and they execute on it. It’s a win.

Jess Dohner:

LPL is the right home for us because they're doing a great job today and giving us the solutions that we need, but they've got an eye towards tomorrow as to where the industry's going and how we can succeed in the future.

Joe Geis:

They really want to get to know you. When you have the senior leadership team actually reaching out, having conversations with you, that's powerful.

Jess Dohner:

When I look at the technology that LPL has, it's hard to focus in on just one that we can't live without. We have paperless offices, so DocuSign, Adobe Sign are fantastic. We're doing more and more work with ScheduleOnce to make it easier for clients to schedule appointments with us. Account View 2.0 has been a great solution in order for us to provide information to the client that is just easy to digest and to work with. But it's like the technology that LPL has is like, keep it coming because it's great and it really does a good job of helping us.

Joe Geis:

They're constantly spending money, getting better at technology. The reporting I'm getting, right, the reports that I'm able to use to coach my teams to get them better, it's great. It really is. I'm a data person, like as I mentioned earlier. I can pull anything I want from ClientWorks, right? Whether it's assets under management, whether it's the blotter from yesterday's report, anything at all. And I can't live without it because I need to know what's going on in the markets.

Joe Geis:

What I enjoy about working with LPL is they keep me up to date on everything I need to know from compliance, technology. It affords me more time to spend with my clients and worry about the minutia. And they really do a good job with that.

Jess Dohner:

I think LPL is a great partner. They challenge me, I challenge them, and in the end, you know, we really are doing a great job of helping more clients. Whether it's coming out with new technology so we can be even more effective and more productive, or just giving different resources so that we can be better advisors to all of our clients.

Joe Geis:

I don't feel like a customer. I feel like a partner. It's very powerful. It truly is.

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