AdvisorHub Profiles How LPL Helped Great Valley RIA Grow

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Last Updated: April 14, 2021

AdvisorHub Profiles How LPL Helped Great Valley RIA Grow

January 1, 2014, was a day that changed the lives of Ryan Todd and James Spinelli. It’s the day they opened their doors as Great Valley Advisor Group. Together, they’ve run a successful and unique RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). Rather than servicing their own clients, the duo have committed exclusively to the business side of running an RIA—and providing meaningful solutions to advisors.

In this feature, Great Valley Advisor Group partners Ryan Todd and James Spinelli share their philosophy and secrets to success in today’s consolidating RIA environment.

“Together, Todd and Spinelli shared a vision for something differentiated in the RIA space. Rather than retaining and servicing their own clients, they would instead devote themselves solely to providing solutions for financial advisors. They felt there was a gap between the promises other RIAs made and what they actually delivered. At Great Valley, they would close that gap.

‘It’s about delivering on what you tell people,’ Spinelli said. ‘If you’re going to do something, do it.’”

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