Being able to take what's really happening in our offices on the day to day and taking ideas on how we can make it easier for advisors to do business.

- Angela Robinson, LPL RIA Ambassador Council

Harnessing the value of collaboration

At LPL Financial, advisors want to hear from each other about what works, what’s new, and how they can better serve their clients.

To help facilitate that collaboration and advocate for what financial advisors need from LPL to run thriving businesses and be great advisors, the LPL Ambassador Council brings together a community of advisors from a variety of affiliation models. In this video, you’ll learn from current members what they gain from serving on the Ambassador Council while being the voice of their clients.

Joe McRae: I really see the value of the Ambassador Council to be a conduit in two directions. One, from the peer group that I have in my region back to LPL. You know, as a source of information and in the other direction as well, as a conduit from LPL back to that same peer group. In terms of what's happening going forward with the business, what are the things that we should expect to see rolling out in the near term or in the long term. What are the strategic objectives? Hopefully, you know being able to share with the LPL executive team, some of the challenges that we're facing in our own markets or in our particular niche is gonna help them with decisions along the way as well in terms of how to best support us.

Angela Robinson: The value really is me being an advocate for the field to executive management. So, being able to take what's really happening in our offices on the day-to-day and taking ideas on how we can make it easier for advisors to do business, easier to communicate with executive management.

Sharon Imbriale: I feel the Ambassador Council is gonna bring great value to programs that are onboarding onto LPL. Because of the vast experience and knowledge of all the members on the Ambassador Council, what they could offer as a resource to new folks.

Erica Gargol: The value of the Ambassador Council is that it allows me to collaborate with my peers. I think it will give us clarity in regards to LPL's message, and where LPL is going, and allow us to be able to support that.

Tom Mitchell: Well, to be a good program leader what I've learned, is that nobody has a lock on all the good ideas. It's all about collaboration and sharing. And that's one of the positives that I see with our Ambassador Council and others that join in with us, is that we do collaborate. We want to share, we all need to improve our programs and our advisors so that we can ultimately improve our clients and our members' lives.

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