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LPL is more than a custodian, we’re a business partner that helps your RIA thrive.

When you custody with LPL Financial, you get more.

Like concierge support from a dedicated RIA-focused team, streamlined technology, and access to a suite of business-building resources to help you build your future on your terms.

Unlike other leading custodians, we never compete for your clients. Ever. Our only business is helping financial advisors succeed. Part of that commitment is a dedication to supporting RIAs like yours.

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LPL is the third-largest custodian in terms of assets under management. We are the only leading custodian that’s 100% advisor-focused.1

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You won’t get a call center. Every RIA on our platform is partnered with a relationship manager and dedicated team of RIA service professionals.

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Enjoy access to experts and resources, including marketing and practice management consulting, to help you grow your business.

Take Your RIA Further

Find out how far you can take your practice with RIA-specific resources and growth experts who understand the nuances of your business. 

Learn how you can benefit from:

  • Advisor-focused technology—Our open-architecture platform puts you in the driver’s seat. A single, integrated workstation to service all your clients with the flexibility to integrate the best-in-class third-party tools you may already be accustomed to. Tailor your system to meet your needs.
  • Risk management options—Choose whether to run your own compliance and risk management program under your fee-only or dually registered RIA, or outsource it to us under our Corporate RIA.We are the only leading custodian to offer this option.
  • Mergers and acquisitions support—Find a buyer or seller through our match program, get help structuring a deal, and access capital through our M&A solutions.

Learn why successful RIAs look to us as their trusted source for comprehensive advisor solutions in a business environment that’s increasingly difficult to navigate

“After having multiple custodians, we’ve truly been able to see that yes, LPL’s number one business is us, the advisor. And that shows in everything they do. On the flip side, it shows at the other firms that we’re clearly not number one priority. It shows in the products they deliver, the software they put in front of us, and the service we get on the back side. At the end of the day, there’s a reason why I picked LPL from day one. And after adding these additional custodians, it’s just solidified that decision.”

Carr Burgoyne Jr., Symphony Financial

What Advisors Are Saying

ryan todd


“I don’t view LPL as just a custodian. They are our partners.”

Ryan Todd, Great Valley Advisor Group

kay lynn mayhue


“We deeply value our relationship with LPL. As we look around the industry’s landscape, we don’t see another firm providing as much holistic support for our hybrid business model.”

Kay Lynn Mayhue, Merit Financial Advisors

charles zhang


“I can sincerely say that the service we receive from LPL is truly superior and, I believe, second to none.”

Charles Zhang, Zhang Financial

Winning Combination of Freedom and Support for RIAs

Winning Combination of Freedom and Support for RIAs

September 07, 2022 LPL Financial
Entrepreneurs like Paul Cohen crave the freedom of running their own business. But that doesn’t mean they have to stand alone. With LPL, Cohen found a winning combination of freedom and support for his growing RIA.
Ivan Illán and AWAIM Choose LPL Financial

Ivan Illán and AWAIM Choose LPL Financial

June 22, 2022 LPL Financial
“LPL’s Hybrid RIA … allows us to communicate substantively with our clients, which is even more important given the shifting dynamic of capital markets.” - Ivan Illán
LPL Financial Launches Private Client Services Network

LPL Financial Launches Private Client Services Network

June 15, 2022 LPL Financial
New program creates a full-service option for LPL advisors to use vetted providers to better serve the needs of affluent clients
LPL Welcomes Ascend Wealth Management

LPL Welcomes Ascend Wealth Management

March 14, 2022 LPL Financial
“Between LPL’s innovative digital technology and robust business resources, and The Network’s concierge-level support, we’re confident our clients will benefit from an enhanced experience.” – Kristi Turchan
LPL-Affiliated Firms Named to Barron’s Top 100 RIA

LPL-Affiliated Firms Named to Barron’s Top 100 RIA

September 28, 2021 LPL Financial
Private Advisor Group, Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services and Stratos Wealth Partners have been recognized by Barron’s as a Top 100 RIA Firm.
LPL Fee-Only RIA Support

LPL Fee-Only RIA Support

July 07, 2021 LPL Financial
LPL's Registered Investment Advisor business model has evolved to meet RIA advisors needs. Now LPL will serve broker-dealers & fiduciary-based advisors. Read what Marc Cohen, Executive Vice President of Advisor Business, had to say to Wealth Management.
AdvisorHub’s Meet the Custodian with LPL

AdvisorHub’s Meet the Custodian with LPL

April 22, 2021 LPL Financial
AdvisorHub Magazine’s “Meet the Custodian” invited Marc Cohen to share what sets LPL Financial apart for providing RIAs custodian services and support.
AdvisorHub on How LPL Helped Great Valley RIA Grow

AdvisorHub on How LPL Helped Great Valley RIA Grow

April 14, 2021 LPL Financial
RIAs that want to grow often look to private equity funding – which can result in the loss of control. AdvisorHub Magazine profiles how Great Valley leaned on their custodian, LPL Financial, for options.
WWK’s Leaving Schwab Spotlights LPL’s Support

WWK’s Leaving Schwab Spotlights LPL’s Support

March 03, 2021 LPL Financial
LPL Financial’s commitment to 100% advisor support allowed WWK Investments to make a bold move.
InvestmentNews Highlights LPL

InvestmentNews Highlights LPL

February 03, 2021 LPL Financial
In this interview, LPL Financial's Jeremy Holly discusses the current trends for RIA valuations & how advisors are setting up their practices for success.

1Cerulli Associates, 2019 U.S. RIA Marketplace Report

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