…We really want to make sure we alleviate stress in [our client’s] life, help them invest in things that are most important to them.

- Anh Tran, SageMint Wealth

When the work-life balance is unbalanced, financial advisors can experience burnout and stress – conditions that can ultimately impact one’s health.

Financial professionals can log as many as 70 hours a week,* so finding ways to pace your day is key to avoiding over-work and maintaining your health – so you can continue to serve your clients and communities.

Some of the LPL Financial resources you can lean into to avoid burnout include:

LPL Financial Services and Support

ClientWorks: LPL’s Advisor Work Hub

LPL Investment Platforms

LPL Research

In this video, learn from other LPL financial advisors about how they take advantage of LPL resources and technology to create the right pace and path forward for their businesses – creating efficiencies to work smarter.


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* Investopedia: "Maintaining Work/Life Balance for Finance Professionals"

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LPL Financial Institute

If hiring a new advisor can help you set the right pace, the Advisor Institute can help.

LPL Services Group

Gain strategic partners and resources designed to support the pace of today’s financial advisors.

Confidentially Connect

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