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LPL ClientWorks

Perform most of your daily activities in one place with ClientWorks, our integrated advisor platform. We built ClientWorks with your workflow in mind, to minimize time spent on routine tasks — and we refine it to meet your changing needs.

Our strengthened capabilities, infrastructure and operations have prepared us to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead.

- Dan Arnold, President and CEO, LPL Financial

LPL’s comprehensive, integrated platform

ClientWorks is our comprehensive advisor platform designed — and continually refined — to help financial advisors run their business more efficiently. This intuitive system offers a single location to access all client account types, access data, and process business.

ClientWorks includes tools for account opening, client management, trading, and more. Sort information based on your needs and place electronic requests without having to move to another system.

Less time, more efficiency

View and access client data and account information and process most of your business from a single location. ClientWorks is a dynamic platform that LPL Financial continuously improves based on advisor feedback. Key features of our integrated advisor technology platform include:

  • New Account Opening lets advisors open various account types with an easy-to-follow, one-time process.
  • Account Conversion makes it easier to convert your client’s brokerage account to an advisory account, if appropriate for your client, while maintaining the same account number and account history.
  • Request Tracking Tool (RTT) lets advisors initiate and track online requests and account activities in real-time.
  • Move Money makes your cash management transactions more efficient 
  • Client Reporting provides you with a fully integrated reporting and analytics tool to view the performance of your clients’ portfolios, including model comparisons and drift reports using custom and pre-defined templates.
  • Trading allows you to conduct direct trading of equities, mutual funds, and options directly from accounts or investments.
  • Compliance Center allows advisors to view all of their compliance information and activities through a collection of surveillance tools integrated within the platform.


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