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In today's fast-paced financial landscape, having access to the right tools and resources can play a crucial role in achieving efficiency and driving growth for financial professionals. Tailored technology solutions can streamline your processes, enhance your clients’ experiences, and lead to greater success for your business.

In this video, learn how the latest technology tools from LPL Financial are helping maximize your peers’ success and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Jeremy Gussick:

One of the things I enjoy the most about this career is that each client interaction is truly unique. My primary area of focus as a financial advisor is I focus on retirement income planning. LPL is constantly making improvements to their technology platform. Any way that LPL can make it easier for a client to access me or for them to access their information only helps the efficiency of my practice.

Sathya Chey Patterson:

My name is Sathya Chey Patterson. I'm Co-founder and Wealth Advisor at Arise Private Wealth here in Palos Verdes, California. Some improvements and enhancements that LPL has made to help an investor I've seen was definitely their investment in technology.

Stanley Funches:

I'm Stanley Funches. I am President and Owner of INTELUS Wealth Management in Birmingham, Alabama. I value a number of things about LPL's technology. First, their commitment to making sure everything's integrated.

Jeremy Gussick:

Technology is obviously very important for anybody who's running any type of business. Certainly for a financial planning practice.

Stanley Funches:

The partnership with LPL has been a very significant part of our growth. We've been able to use the advisory platform, use the technology that LPL has to give us more facetime for our clients and gives us more leverage.

Sathya Chey Patterson:

Technology's extremely important to my team, and our ethos and constant improvement. And so it was one of the reasons we left our prior firm to join LPL, because of their open architecture, to choose the best technology that works for our team and provides the things that we feel our clients would value the most.

Jeremy Gussick:

The core platform that we have through ClientWorks, obviously is very comprehensive. Engaging with the other tools that they provide helps me make my practice that much more efficient, which is of course critical as I continue to grow.

Jeremy Gussick:

Then they have kind of like a menu of à la carte options that I can choose to add on if they're meaningful to my practice. And that's what I like about the independent model. Each advisor can choose to structure their technology in a way that benefits them. Features such as MyRepChat and the new enhancements with Account View 2.0 that have features that the client didn't previously have access to helps make it easier for the client and me to communicate and ultimately helps me run a more efficient practice.

Sathya Chey Patterson:

We utilize MoneyGuidePro for our financial planning tool, Redtail CRM, HolistiPlan tax planning software, Black Diamond for our client portal. So it's natural to make sure that our clients' online portal experience is also easy.

Stanley Funches:

What I look for in a wealth management platform is to really help us serve and deliver our services to our clients efficiently and effectively. Our CRM and our financial planning software are probably the tools that we use most often within our platform. And you know, having those work together are very important. It helps our office be more efficient. It helps us deliver great service to our clients.

Jeremy Gussick:

I've been very pleased with how LPL has continued to enhance the technology that they offer to us and the tools that they provide to make it easier for our clients to communicate with us.

Sathya Chey Patterson:

I feel so fortunate that the thing I do to build the life that I want is also giving my clients the ability to live the life that they want to lead.

Jeremy Gussick:

Ultimately, if I can be in a position where I can be helping clients manage their assets, manage their planning, so that they can step away from that and do more of what makes them happy, that's particularly rewarding for me.

Stanley Funches:

As we help clients send their kids to college, and now you see those kids prospering in their careers, that's a great feeling. You see a client who's retired and they're five, 10 years into retirement, and they come in smiling and they're comfortable and they are living the retirement that they want. Those are very fulfilling moments for me as an advisor.

The right technology tools for your business

Using the right technology solutions can help you work more productively and deliver on your clients’ financial needs more effectively. LPL offers a broad range of technology resources that can be custom-fit for your business.

As a financial advisor with LPL, Jeremy Gussick, Gussick & Barnett Financial Planning, emphasized the importance of having access to comprehensive technology platforms in his practice. “Technology is obviously very important for anybody who's running any business, but certainly for a financial planning practice.”

Sathya Chey Patterson, Arise Private Wealth, also noted how vital technology is to her practice. “Technology’s extremely important to us,” she said. “It was one of the reasons we left our prior firm to join LPL. LPL’s open architecture allows us to choose the best technology for our team and provide things we feel our clients value most.”

“What I value about LPL’s technology is the flexibility of the platform,” said Stanley Funches, INTELUS Wealth Management. “Their commitment to ensure everything’s integrated and having the technology synced together — there’s a cohesiveness. It helps our office be more efficient, deliver great service to our clients, and it helps me as a business owner.”

Patterson agreed. “Integration of technology is a great example. ClientWorks houses most of our client data and being able to go in and out of third-party software, along with LPL’s continuous improvement — adding new technologies and making it more seamless — is so important,” she said.

Funches added with the complexities that come with running a small business, he appreciates the relationship with LPL and having access to its teams of specialists and technical resources. 

“Our partnership has been a very significant part of our growth. We've been able to use the technology LPL provides for more facetime with our clients, and more leverage.” – Stanley Funches

Elevating the client experience through technology

In addition to improving efficiency, technology also plays a crucial role in the client experience. Technology tools can improve your communication with clients and offer them increased access to information, ultimately delivering more personalized service.

Gussick said, “I’ve been very pleased with how LPL continues to enhance the technology they offer and the tools they provide to make it easier for our clients to communicate with us.”

He also highlighted the benefits of the secure, compliant texting tool MyRepChat, along with Account View, noting the new enhancements and client dashboard features have improved client communications and help him “run a more efficient practice.”

Patterson added, “Leveraging technology and making sure we have tight processes in place is so important to ensure there's a consistent client experience.”

The rewards of client success are gratifying for financial professionals, and technology continues to play an ever-increasing role in helping clients achieve their financial dreams.

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