We put the most popular tools head to head so we could find out which would come out on top for the most LPL advisors.

As a financial advisor, you have access to countless tools, technology, and platforms that can help you scale and grow your business. Which have you chosen to include in your “bracket” for your particular practice? We put the most popular tools head to head so we could find out which would come out on top for the most LPL advisors. Discover which tools made it to the final four, and which one ultimately won the tool tournament.

The Sweet Sixteen

The top 16 most commonly used tools range from the financial planning software, WealthVision, to ClientWorks functions such as the new Move Money, as well as advisory platforms.

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The Elite Eight

There were some bracket busters in the Elite Eight round—some up-and-coming tools made it through this round. For example, one of the finals was Client Goals, which enables you to help clients develop a goals-based plan that reaches for specific goals, rather than portfolio performance. The LPL Proposal Tool snuck in with its ability to help you generate compelling advisory proposals, which can help you win new business or transition clients from brokerage.

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The Final Four

More upsets this round! MyRepChat unseated some other popular favorites, probably because it enables you to compliantly text with clients—and texting is key in today’s fast-paced world. Meeting Manager made it through too—another relatively new functionality that can help you streamline annual client meeting prep, execution, and follow-up.

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The Championship

Which two tools made it to the top face-off? Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP) and Account View 2.0—two of the most-used capabilities at LPL, and two tools that have both enjoyed multiple enhancements in the past few years, further boosting their popularity. MWP is now a Unified Managed Account (UMA), where you can combine your own models, third-party manager models, and separately managed account (SMA) strategies, all in one account. And Account View is now a premier client portal with features that enable your clients to self-serve—and give you a great kick start to relationship-building conversations.

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And the winner is…

Account View! With more than 30 enhancements made in the past year—all based on your suggestions—Account View is fast becoming a client portal and app that can set you apart. It enables your clients to get the information they want and need about their accounts, and gives you flexibility for what you want them to see.

Want to learn more about these tools and others? If you’re an existing LPL Financial advisor, explore the possibilities available to you at LPL with our three most used tools by advisors.

The Champion: Account View 2.0

Account View provides your clients transparent insights into their financial information, goals and more from one central location, which they can access 24/7 from any device.

Runner Up: Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP)

In MWP, advisors have the flexibility and choices needed to deliver customized strategies to clients, all while benefiting from the efficiency and scale offered by the platform’s automation.

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