…We really want to make sure we alleviate stress in [our client’s] life, help them invest in things that are most important to them.

- Anh Tran, SageMint Wealth

LPL Financial advisor Anh Tran has built a thriving business where her motto is, “live well, do good.”

You could say that becoming an entrepreneur was something Anh Tran was born with, but she still explored several career avenues before starting SageMint Wealth, where she currently serves as managing partner and financial advisor in Orange, California.

Tran’s parents fled from Vietnam and spent a year in a refugee camp before being sponsored and settling in Texas where she was born. Previously, they were entrepreneurs in Vietnam. Tran says that “for them, the entrepreneurial spirit really was something that they always had.” In fact, after putting themselves through college, they opened their own pharmacy that her mother has been running for more than 30 years. So while Tran grew up seeing their work ethic firsthand, watching them build something for themselves, being an entrepreneur always called to her.

Live well, do good

With a background as an attorney, Tran gained experience in business litigation and then quickly moved into the world of financial services, working for an advisor who specialized in serving Fortune 500 companies and their CEOs. “So that was how I started my career, and I loved it. I got to work with some really amazing individuals and I learned really quickly, in a short span of time,” she said

In 2010, Tran made the move to go independent and launched SageMint Wealth in 2016 with several other women. “We are a women-owned business, which I’m extremely proud of,” said Tran. “We have a unique niche in our clientele, in that about 70% of our clients are women, and a lot of our clients are also LGBTQ.”

SageMint’s value proposition simply stated is, “live well, do good,” something that Tran and her team take great pride in. “We use a very collaborative approach to our clients,” she said. “The clients are the firm’s clients, they don’t belong to any particular person. We all know what’s going on with the clients at all times.”

And by focusing on the client’s goals and values, what they’re looking to accomplish in life, Tran feels her team is set up to provide the best service and guidance. “So doing good is a key element in our financial planning because all our planning starts with our clients’ goals,” she said. “Which is a great opportunity to learn more about them, and what they’re trying to accomplish. We really want to make sure we alleviate stress in [our client’s] life, help them invest in things that are most important to them.”

And that commitment and relationship-building makes Tran an integral part of her clients’ lives. “Even if it’s not financial related, I always tell my clients, ‘I am here for you every step of the way,’” said Tran.

The keys to her perfect practice

For Tran, that perfect practice is a combination of having a good, strong team; loyal and happy clients; and also the business acumen to know when you need to change or grow.

“I think my legacy is making sure that we are able to grow our business, grow our practice, SageMint Wealth, to a brand and a firm where we are proud of what we’re doing for our clients,” said Tran. “We’re able to sleep well at night because we know we’re making a difference, not just for our clients but for the world as well.”

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