LPL Business Solutions

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It takes expertise, time, and, strategy to effectively market your business to its fullest potential. LPL Marketing Solutions pairs you with an experienced consultant who will create and execute a complete digital marketing strategy on your behalf.

Tailored, targeted, and timely digital marketing

A unique service of LPL, Marketing Solutions offers a dedicated digital marketing strategist for your practice. Working with you, your Marketing Solutions consultant will take care of your digital marketing via blogs, social media and more to expand your reach and maximize your connections with prospects as well as existing clients.

Advisor potential benefits from LPL Marketing Solutions:

  • Up to 90% average increase in website traffic
  • 45% average annual increase in social media connections
  • Email open rates more than double the industry average*
  • Delivery of new leads
  • Growth in assets under management


*Based on a sample of subscribed advisors with open rates more than double the industry average of 22%.