LPL Digital Office Technology Solutions for Advisors

As business environments for financial professionals become more reliant on digital communication and remote teams, it’s more important than ever to have adequate cybersecurity and data protection for your business. Discover cyber solutions that protect your financial business and your clients.

Protect more than just data, protect your business

If you’re not adequately protected against cyber threats, your clients’ information could be compromised, and so could their trust in your business.

LPL Financial’s Digital Office helps you protect the valuable relationships and reputation you’ve worked hard to build — regardless of your team’s scale, storage needs, or office setting. With Digital Office, you can feel confident and safe while accessing sensitive business files and sharing documents with colleagues and clients online.

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"Digital Office is a way of securely storing your documents that you can access on the road anywhere, anytime that you’ve got a connection. It’s secure, it’s safe, it’s easy."

Erik Thompson

Cornerstone Wealth Management

Digital Office Technology Solutions Include


Secure Office defense

Secure Office defends against cybercrime and compliance breaches. Your systems and data are protected by leaders in the cybersecurity industry. Secure Office uses a next generation cybersecurity suite to ensure your enrolled devices are protected from even the most devious viruses and malware.

Secure Cloud protection

Secure Cloud is a streamlined way to work remotely and share documents. It extends your protection even further by providing an innovative cloud storage solution with data loss protection at heart. Take advantage of enterprise security and top-line subscription benefits from, an easy to use cloud storage platform trusted by LPL for its own data.

Why Digital Office Technology Solutions?

Feel more confident about safely sharing documents or files with colleagues and clients.

Trusted cybersecurity

Digital Office can help you:

  • Operate with confidence knowing LPL's dedicated tech team is utilizing the latest-in-tech tools, used by leading financial firms, to protect you 24/7
  • Stay defended against cybercrime and compliance breaches through regulatory-compliant technology and industry-leading data storage

Remote capacity

Digital Office can help you:

  • Keep your remote team as operationally secure and compliant as your in-office teams and networks
  • Stay protected when storing or sharing data across remote systems, and modify your protection needs as scale and locations evolve

Product support

Digital Office can help you:

  • Easily navigate the onboarding process
  • Access expert guidance and resources

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Discover how Digital Office Technology Solutions helps advisors protect the data that matters most to them and their clients.

Get more info on the exclusive programs and services at LPL Financial, such as Secure Office and Secure Cloud through Digital Office Technology Solutions, that can help you achieve your vision of success.

Additional Solutions

Digital Office Technology Solutions FAQs

What makes your Secure Cloud different from other service providers I see online?

We ensure that our service meets or exceeds the industry's best standards for storing PII in the cloud. Our solution adheres to the policies set by Compliance. We configure all the service settings in advance to ensure your cloud storage solution is compliant.

We will provide your business with unlimited cloud storage.


When you are working online, your files save in real time to the cloud.

Compliance and cybersecurity are two different things. Financial professionals today are required to navigate increasingly complex waters when it comes to regulatory compliance. Having client data in a digital format has made compliance issues more complicated that even those who follow the rules to the best of their abilities can still step out of bounds on occasion. That’s why LPL offers firms 24/7 compliance monitoring so that your practice stays in bounds.


Firms in compliance have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. LPL has discovered that a majority of the firms who reported a cyber–attack were compliant with LPL’s Branch Office Security Policy at the time. That’s because cybersecurity experts report that the security walls used by most advisory firms are still relatively weak. LPL created Secure Office to answer this need to provide enterprise-level security programs to monitor for potential threats 24/7 and provide a way to respond and mitigate them to avoid the impact of an attack.

LPL monitors over 10,000+ devices daily using the latest end-point protection tools used by many of the largest financial services companies and government entities in the world. Secure Office is a program that allows LPL to extend access to these protection tools and offer 24/7 security monitoring and a response team to thwart potential threats actively. 

Management software is included in Secure Office to make software updates in real-time to apply security patches and securely back up all data on your device. It is also used to keep your device compliant to withstand a branch audit.

Important Disclosures

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