LPL Financial Advisor Transition Assistance

LPL Transition Assistance Support Team for Financial Advisors

Your transition to LPL should be seamless, that’s why we connect you to a dedicated, experienced support team to answer your questions and creatively develop solutions for your specific needs. Training, planning, analysis, and compliance readiness: Let our transition assistance help you get ready and stay ready.

Financial Advisor Transition Assistance

Joining LPL begins with a dedicated onboarding support and a transition team that matches our best resources to your needs for a complete and seamless transition.

Great starts, start here

Your transition to LPL is the first step in a long partnership focused on your success. No matter how complex your move to LPL is, your dedicated onboarding team will navigate every scenario at every step and match it with the right resource:

  • Map your assets to LPL platforms and find comparable products and managers for any proprietary products
  • Develop solutions specific to your business need
  • Use business analysis to help identify potential growth opportunities
  • Train you and your team on products, tools, and resources

On average, LPL transitions over 1,200 advisors a year, so we are well-schooled in how we can use our experience and expertise to make your move seamless.

Let’s get started.



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Your LPL representative

Our dedicated team has broad expertise in the financial services industry and is ready to help you find the ideal environment in which to grow.