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LPL Financial Sustainability

From the breakroom to the boardroom, LPL Financial engages in numerous initiatives and daily practices to use natural resources responsibly and reduce our environmental footprint. We do so because it’s good for our stakeholders, our business, and our planet.

We set out to build an extraordinary workplace that would enhance the lives of our employees and demonstrate LPL’s commitment to sustainability

- Sallie Larson, LPL Chief Human Capital Officer

Eco-friendly Practices are Business as Usual

At LPL, environmental sustainability is embedded in the way we do business. We integrate environmentally friendly practices throughout our facilities and operations. For example:

  • Recycling and composting stations are conveniently located throughout LPL’s LEED-certified Fort Mill, SC facilities, and feature bold graphics to help distinguish between what gets recycled, composted, or tossed. Dual-bin, desk-side trash cans also make it convenient for our Fort Mill employees to start the compost and recycle chain right at their desks with one bin for compostable materials and the other for recyclables and landfill waste.
  • LPL’s LEED-certified San Diego facility employs single-stream waste management. Our San Diego employees can commingle all paper, plastics, glass, cans, and other recyclable waste in either single desk side recycling containers or in properly identified waste containers in the kitchenettes, copy centers, and common areas of the building.
  • LPL’s Fort Mill location provides boxes for used coffee pods in its breakroom that, once filled, are sent out to be melted and pelletized into new raw material.
  • LPL’s on-site cafeteria in Fort Mill uses eco-friendly meal containers and recycling and composting stations.
  • All LPL facilities include on-site battery and printer cartridge recycling.
  • In conjunction with SANDAG’s iCommute program, LPL identifies and eco-friendly commuting options for employees working in its San Diego office.

Studies have shown that environmental sustainability is beneficial for business and for employees. Our goal at LPL is to embed it in our company’s DNA as well. More examples of our efforts follow.

Sustainability Employee Action Committee (EAC)

LPL’s Sustainability EAC is comprised of LPL employees who serve as “sustainability champions.” They work to promote and encourage participation among their fellow employees in eco-friendly practices. They’re also responsible for organizing LPL’s annual Earth Day celebration, with activities ranging from on-site paper shredding, battery, and eyeglass recycling to book and athletic shoe donations. The Sustainability EAC is one of the many ways LPL helps advisors and employees be part of bringing about positive change and experience a higher sense of purpose.  

Environmentally Conscious Facilities

Perhaps the strongest example of LPL’s commitment to sustainability is the design of its facilities in Fort Mill, SC (known as the Carolinas campus) and San Diego, CA.  

The LPL Carolinas Campus

Leveraging technology and materials that minimize impact to the environment, LPL’s Carolinas campus incorporates net-zero water design strategies, integrates nature into the design of the buildings, creates an engaging workspace for LPL employees, and serves as a source of pride for employees as well as the LPL advisor network. It earned LEED® Gold certification for its innovation in sustainable design strategies.

The campus features two office buildings and a parking garage located adjacent to a 2,100-acre nature preserve, and their design is heavily influenced by and respectful of its natural surroundings. Sustainable design features include:

  • Natural light—The buildings’ design incorporates abundant natural daylight, creating a more pleasant work environment while reducing lighting-related energy consumption. Nearly every workspace provides an outdoor view.
  • Net-zero water usage —The campus employs water-efficient systems that recycle and redirect water so that the consumption of non-potable water is less than the water needed for the facility’s cooling, irrigation and plumbing systems. The systems also slow the water entering the local storm water system.
  • A well-energized workspace—The smart use of brick and glass minimize heat and maximize light, while the innovative HVAC system brings in 30 percent more outside air than is standard.
  • Environmentally conscious landscaping and exterior design—Construction strategies spared as many trees as possible and used reclaimed hardwoods for building construction. The smart use of exterior design materials also reduces heat islands and energy consumption.
  • Support for alternative energy usage—The adjacent garage offers 12 electric vehicle-charging stations and 100 preferred parking spaces for fuel-efficient vehicles.

Research shows that maintaining a work environment where employees are engaged and healthy not only helps mitigate financial, legal, and reputational costs and risks to the company. It also can improve worker productivity, creativity, loyalty, and happiness.

That's why our Carolinas campus also includes various amenities that promote employee well-being and encourage greater physical movement. Among them: sit-to-stand adjustable workstations, two miles of walking trails, a community garden, outdoor sports courts, bicycle storage, and a bicycle share program. In addition, the on-site cafeteria offers a wide range of healthy food options and employs composting, recycling, and other sustainability practices.

The LPL San Diego Campus

LPL’s San Diego facility earned LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for its design and construction.

The building’s design team leveraged technology and advanced materials to minimize the facility’s effects on the environment. Among its attributes are an almost 40 percent reduction in potable water use and the diversion of more than 77 percent of construction-generated waste from landfills.

In addition, recycled materials comprised 19 percent of the total building materials, while 67 percent of wood-based building materials were certified to criteria set by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The tower has three fuel cells to convert biogas into carbon-neutral electricity. Energy meters are located throughout the building, and surplus power is pushed back to the grid through San Diego Gas & Electric. The tower also has LED lights that automatically dim based on available natural light and sensors that turn lights off by detecting unoccupied offices.

In addition, 88 percent of the tower’s water consumption, estimated at nearly 2.5 million gallons a year, is recycled and used for irrigation and other building needs. On-site charging stations for electric vehicles are also available for employee use at no cost.

Designed to foster employee well-being as well, the tower offers an abundance of natural light. More than 94 percent of all regularly occupied spaces featuring direct views to the outdoors. The building also includes sit-to-stand workstations and individual thermal controls at each workspace.


Learn More

LPL Financial’s commitment to sustainability is making the news. Below are just a few of the stories. You can also learn more by contacting Sara Nomellini at or 704-733-3660. If you’re interested in learning about sustainable investing, download LPL Financial’s thought leadership article on the topic: Sustainable Investing: Strategic Discovery.