You’re never too small for an attack

Everyone is vulnerable to cybercrime. It doesn’t matter if you’re as large-scale as an energy grid or as small as your small business – cybercrime is everywhere. It just takes one attack to harm the clients you work so hard for, put your reputation at risk, and have a ripple effect for years to come. Cybercriminals attempting to get your financial information tend to scout for entry points into the most valuable targets that they can identify. Small businesses with large available amounts of protected information and assets become prime targets.

In this episode of the LPL Share-Cast, Matt Enyedi, managing director, talks with LPL cybersecurity experts, Alex Russell and Prasoon Vidyarthi, about the real dangers of cybercrime.

They discuss how baseline level protection doesn’t account for some of the most common and aggressive strategies employed by cybercriminals today:

  • Crypto-ransomware
  • Point of entry attacks
  • Vulnerabilities in your operating system

Could your business be next?

Defend yourself against cybercrime and compliance breaches with enterprise-level systems that actively hunt for attacks and resolve them on the spot. This can potentially save you time, investment, and avoid costly downtime. Not to mention, it can mitigate reputational risk and protect the private information of your clients.

Learn more about Cybersecurity resources to ensure your practice is protected.


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