Your brand is how you show you’re a great financial advisor

Your financial advice firm may be a small business, but your brand is a big deal. How big? Apple’s brand was recently valued at $947.1 billion*.

While your brand value may not be that high, to your clients, your brand integrates their emotional and logical connection to your business, the total experience, from the look and navigation of your website to how you answer the phone. All of these experiences influence a client’s trust in your brand. Simply put, to your clients, your brand reflects how successfully you can live up to your promises.

That’s why a good brand is so valuable.

The marketing professionals at LPL Financial can help you strategize on your brand development and execution. Your partnership with LPL includes the opportunity to leverage a wide range of marketing resources to help you further engage your clients and prospects. No matter the size of your practice or how long you’ve been in business, these marketing techniques can help you grow your brand equity and, ultimately, your business.

One way to start is by checking out this marketing blog, 5 Steps to Building an Advisor Brand. You can also explore other LPL marketing resources below.


* Why Apple is the Most Valuable Brand in the World,, June 23, 2022

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