LPL Hispanic & Latino Advisor Business

As a financial advisor of Hispanic and Latino descent, you have a distinctive background and unique experiences and insights. LPL wants to celebrate your diversity and has established a community of like-minded peers invested in the success of your business and ability to serve your clients on your terms.

LPL will also partner with you to give you the resources, financial technology, and support you need to manage a thriving practice. You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to focus on helping your clients pursue their financial goals.

Join LPL’s community of Hispanic and Latino financial advisors where LPL is invested and supports your success as an advisor. Contact LPL Financial to get started.

Wealth Management Award

2019 Industry

Award received for LPL Financial’s efforts in advisor diversity and inclusion.

InvestmentNews 2019 Diversity Champion

InvestmentNews 2019 Diversity Champion

For programs supporting advisor and end investor diversity and inclusion.

How Laurie Barela evolved her practice with LPL

We’re honored to be the partner of choice for advisors like Barela, who have navigated unprecedented
challenges to reach their business goals and found success on their terms.

Why choose LPL Financial?

The flexibility to run your business, your way

With LPL, you have the freedom to manage your business and relationships in the way that’s best for your business. Because we have no proprietary products, you have the flexibility to manage portfolios and assets.

You and your clients can feel confident that their best interests always guide your financial advice. Our investments in advisor-focused technology mean you get to spend more time advising clients and less time on inefficient software.

A full range of resources to support your practice

Your partner is the backbone of your business, where you can go for technology, support, and tools to help you manage your business efficiently. With LPL Financial, you’ll have access to experts in succession planning, financial solutions, practice management, and more.

The unique service options offered through LPL Business Solutions provide you with dedicated, trained specialists in technology, marketing, finance, and operations to save you time and help grow your practice.

Consistent compensation with no glass ceiling

One benefit of being an independent financial advisor and business owner is the compensation you earn for the value you’ve created for your clients. We respect your hard work and, because our success depends on yours, we support you in realizing the highest possible value from your business.

Our size and scale allow us to provide competitive payouts, pricing, and fees, with the ability for you to retain more of the revenue you generate.

The Value of Being an Independent Financial Advisor

“Relationships are the best part of being an independent financial advisor with LPL Financial. Partnering with LPL provides me with the resources to be a fiduciary of my client’s wealth while still being able to create investment portfolios customized to meet their individual needs. As a Hispanic advisor, LPL has proven to have a welcoming culture, as can be seen with our Spanish language educational material for clients and multiple Advisor Business Communities for advisors to share experiences.”

Eloy de la Garza

Senior Wealth Advisor, LPL Financial

LPL’s Advisor Inclusion Council is “made up of advisors at all the different levels of practice, with different backgrounds and specialties. It's become this wonderful resource at LPL that continues to get better every year as the council expands. The people who run the council started noticing that the more we provide to this group, the more we're providing to the firm. I'm very proud of the work we've done.”

Jason Valle

Advisor and Present, JV Financial

“The restrictions of being a wirehouse advisor weren’t so obvious until I came to LPL.  I couldn’t wear my hair this way, or wear this lipstick color, or I could only wear these two color suits.  As a Latina, I am a colorful and affectionate and I wanted to be authentically me when interacting with people.  I’ve been in the industry over 25 years, and I’ve never felt so at ease, so invited, so part of something… and with that has come outstanding success.  My clients and I both know that the color of money is green, but LPL recognizes that there is something about giving me an outlet to express myself that helps me be the best version of myself.  Muchas gracias LPL for being a great partner in helping me help my clients, in the way I believe is best for them!”

Laurie Barela

Founder & CEO at Vargas Wealth Management, CFP®

LPL Hispanic and Latino financial advisor
business community (ABC)

At LPL Financial, we support a growing community of successful Hispanic
and Latino financial advisors. Our advisors come from a variety of
backgrounds and bring unique experiences and perspectives to the job.

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