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LPL Account View

LPL Account View lets advisors give their clients transparent insight into each account from one central location, which they can access 24/7 from any of their devices.

Your clients can view the details of their accounts quickly and easily on Account View.

Meet your clients where they are

Account View is a web-based platform that lets LPL advisors give their clients access to a timely, accurate snapshot of their portfolio. Your clients can view portfolio values, account balances, deposits and withdrawals, and investment returns. You can also review performance data over customized date ranges.

Your clients enjoy:

  • Secure, 24-hour online access via computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Simple enrollment in under five minutes
  • Ability to download data to Quicken or TurboTax and integrate information directly into WealthVisionSM.
  • Optional paperless electronic statements, trade confirmation, quarterly performance reports and prospectuses

Increase web traffic and reduce call volume

Personalize LPL Account View with your brand and contact information. This can help establish your website as a primary resource to your clients for investment information and services.

And, by being able to view details of their accounts quickly and easily, you might reduce calls to your office for simple data requests. 

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