Paraplanning Services from LPL Financial


Launch, enhance, or scale your financial planning practice through added-value consultation and plan production by a team of planning professionals.


Take your financial planning to the next level with our Paraplanning Services

As a financial advisor, you’re already providing tailored advice to your clients. But what if you could offer even deeper, more personalized financial guidance—without taking on more work or increasing your payroll? That’s where LPL’s Paraplanning Services comes in. Our experienced professionals can help you build, enhance, or expand your financial planning practice, providing a holistic approach to financial advice.

Whether you’re looking to scale your business or are new to financial planning, our highly skilled paraplanning team can:

  • Reduce your plan creation time by inputting your client data and ensuring its accuracy
  • Create customized financial plans using your choice of software tools from four integrated options
  • Include an LPL-generated summary of actionable recommendations that match your philosophies and your clients’ goals
  • Meet with you to review the plan and highlight actionable insights and recommendations to ensure a successful client presentation

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We've gone into some very complex cases, and their team has given us the additional level of expertise to be able to deliver those plans and make recommendations that quite honestly, maybe were missed in the past.

- Dwayne Keller, Vista Wealth Management

Partial Book Sales

Create capacity to do more of what matters most to you by right-sizing your practice while ensuring a seamless client transition.

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Professional support for buyers and sellers, including an end-to-end solution with a team of experts to guide you through the process.

Marketing Solutions

Reach new prospects and nurture client relationships through a dedicated consultant and customized digital campaigns.


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