Partial Book Sales from LPL Financial


Whether in strategic growth mode, prepping for a future M&A, evolving your niche, or pursuing other passions, Partial Book Sales helps you create capacity to regain focus on what matters most to you.


You’re in the business of helping people succeed. As your practice grows, you may find yourself spread too thin — especially if your book consists of clients with divergent needs, service expectations, and account sizes. Whether you’re in strategic growth mode, prepping for a future M&A, evolving your niche, or pursuing other passions, LPL Partial Book Sales helps you right-size your practice to create capacity and regain focus on your goals

Powered by a digital platform, completing a partial book sale is seamless. You’ll be guided through identifying and submitting accounts for transfer, and receive upfront payout on approval. Once transferred, LPL’s Investor Focused Solutions team of licensed advisors immediately initiates communication and assumes responsibility for the client relationship.

With LPL Partial Book Sales, you can:

  • Easily transfer accounts
  • Make informed decisions about your book’s future shape without the guesswork, time delays, and negotiations typically associated with a partial book sale
  • Ensure a seamless client transition for ongoing financial advice and services
  • Receive prompt compensation for the accounts transferred

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