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At LPL Financial, we partner with institutions organizations like yours to build truly exceptional wealth management offerings, so you can better serve your customers. By providing you with unparalleled products, premier platforms, and top-tier financial technology, we empower your organization to grow and thrive.

Having a partner who supports you and your advisors' success opens up new windows of opportunity. For your customers, it creates a better experience—enabling you to build richer, stronger relationships with them along the way. And for you, that translates into a competitive edge in the marketplace…ultimately helping to drive profitability for your business.

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At LPL, our Business Development Consultants are available to discuss your program and your vision for future success. This consultative process combined with our industry expertise is a formula that can potentially translate into an efficient and profitable program. Meet our team below, and be sure to reach out directly to start a meaningful conversation.

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Jordan Benham

Vice President | Business Development, Enterprise Sales
About Jordan: Jordan joined LPL Financial in 2010 and has held various roles in Business Development, with a focus on working with financial institutions. In his current role, Jordan is responsible for strategic partnerships with firms that contemplate a change in organizational structure. He typically works with large financial institutions who are committed to offering investment services to their client-base, but may not need broker/dealer and RIA entities to deliver an optimal experience.

Focus Area: Large institutions
Contact Jordan: (704) 733-3618; Email Jordan

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Wes Graves­

Vice President | Business Development­ 
About Wes: Wes leads LPL’s business development efforts for the eastern half of the United States, working specifically with firms and groups of advisors with between 15 and 200-plus advisors. During his 18-year career in the financial industry, Wes has created and implemented a variety of strategic initiatives focused on sales and management, including leading the distribution of multiple different investment products and most recently building two financial technology startups. Wes looks to bring his extensive expertise to help prospective firms maximize their potential as they navigate a changing financial services environment.

Focus Area: Large enterprises
Contact Wes: (585) 615-9027; Email Wes

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Carolyn Bradshaw

Vice President | Business Development, Financial Institutions
About Carolyn:
With her extensive experience in sales management, recruiting, and business analysis, and her commitment to consultative, thoughtful guidance, Carolyn engages institution executives and investment program management to share the benefits of partnering with LPL. Prior to joining LPL, Carolyn was an Assistant Division Director with Raymond James Financial Institutions Division, where she was responsible for new business development for the Western half of the country recruiting investment programs for both banks and credit unions.

Focus Area: Small/mid-size institutions
Contact Carolyn:
(813) 368-8096; Email Carolyn

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Lawson Joyce

Vice President | Business Development, Financial Institutions
About Lawson: In his role, Lawson is responsible for consulting specifically with credit union investment programs and determining how they can thrive by joining LPL’s wealth management platform. Lawson has over two decades of industry experience in business development, consulting, and relationship management. He has extensive experience working with credit union and bank programs, having spent his entire career in that space.

Focus Area: Credit unions and startups
Contact Lawson: (704) 315-8318; Email Lawson

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Christopher Cassidy

Vice President | Business Development, Financial Institutions
About Christopher: Christopher works with the top 150 financial institutions, as defined by asset size, to optimize their wealth management businesses and create value for their clients. These organizations include banks, asset managers, insurance companies, retirement service providers and others. Because LPL has a variety of options and strategies for wealth programs, Christopher is able to work with institutions to tailor solutions for their specific needs. Prior to joining LPL, spent a number of years working as a leader in wealth management organizations, such as Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, and SunTrust.

Focus Area: Large institutions
Contact Christopher: (714) 658-2017; Email Christopher

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Ed Dominguez

Vice President | Business Development, Financial Institutions
About Ed: Ed is responsible for consulting with large banks and credit unions around unifying their entire wealth management business (retail, trust, and RIA) at LPL. He has more than two decades of industry experience with a career that’s evolved from stockbroker, to financial advisor, program leadership, and consulting. He has extensive experience both as a financial advisor and investment program manager in both bank and credit union environments.

Focus Area: Trust
Contact Ed: (518) 928-1613; Email Edward