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LPL Investment Transitions Consulting Team

Your book of business reflects both your hard work and the goals of the people, families, and communities you serve. Our Investment Transitions Consulting team understands that and will transfer those assets seamlessly and efficiently with the same care, support, security, and attention to detail that you have put into building them.

I was on the phone… talking to people on the Transitions team, getting the pieces of data I needed to get things moving very quickly. That transition support was invaluable.

- Gerald Denney, Principal and Founder, Piedmont Wealth Management

Investment transitions

Your book of business reflects a tradition of client care. That’s why your Investment Transitions Consulting team will help ensure your clients’ assets are transferred seamlessly and efficiently.

Transforming the investment transition process

Because your book of business is really the chapters in the lives of so many, LPL takes the same care and expertise to transition those assets to your partnership with us. Look to your Investment Transition Consulting team for:

  • Dedicated assistance and support
  • Asset mapping to LPL platforms
  • Consultation for non-transferable assets and proprietary products
  • Comprehensive practice analysis for growth opportunities
  • Seamless and secure transition

Just as your clients look to you to transform their goals into reality, LPL will provide the investment transition support you need to help you achieve the dreams for your firm.

Let’s get started.


*Piedmont Wealth Management and LPL Financial are separate entities.