Gathering of employees joined in applause

The LPL Mission Statement

“We take care of our advisors, so they can take care of their clients.” That’s our mission at LPL Financial. It permeates everything we do — and how we do it.

Our clients are not an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of it.

A Customer-first Focus

Unlike typical brokerage firms where financial advisors work as employees, LPL advisors operate as independent contractors. Their focus is on building and growing their practices while doing what’s right for their clients. Our purpose as LPL employees, in turn, is to make that easy for them.

It’s a mission each of us embraces.

It inspires us to innovate, and challenges us to think differently. It gives us direction, and guides our decision-making, priorities, and actions.

No matter what role or department we’re in, we’re each empowered to make a difference that ultimately benefits our customers — the advisors we support.

For additional insights into LPL’s customer-centric mission and the role advisors have played in our business since the very beginning, check out Growing Big by Thinking Small.


Connect with Us

If you’re an advisor and are interested in working with a company where your interests come first, let’s talk.

Numerous career opportunities are also available in various areas throughout LPL. If our mission sounds like something you could enthusiastically embrace, consider working with us.