LPL Corporate Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report

Operating with integrity. Promoting transparency. Executing with excellence in a socially responsible way. Learn what LPL has been doing on the sustainability front and our plans for the future.

LPL’s ESG vision: To take care of our financial professionals and their clients by operating responsibly and ethically and strengthening trust with our mutual stakeholders.

Business the socially responsible way

At LPL, we recognize that our business affects more than just our employees, our financial professionals and their clients. With that in mind, we reviewed our business in 2019 to better understand the environmental, social, and governance factors that we affect through our work.

We created a collaborative group of internal stakeholders, including members of our leadership team and our board of directors, to understand our current initiatives and identify ESG focus areas.

Learn about our initiatives, accomplishments, and ongoing efforts in our corporate sustainability report.

Social responsibility in action

We don’t just talk about corporate sustainability at LPL. We integrate it into our daily business practices. For example, over the last year we:

  • Continued to develop our socially responsible investing strategies and platforms, providing our financial professionals and their clients more thoughtful options to meet their sustainable investment needs
  • Expanded our training and development programs for our employees as part of our cultural transformation, giving them new tools to help them succeed
  • Improved the ease and efficacy of our paperless program for financial professionals, an initiative which, as a financial firm, we believe will lead to one of the biggest impacts we can have on our environmental footprint

2019 social responsibility highlights

  • As of June 30, 2019, LPL offered the following sustainable investing (SI) products and solutions:
    • Mutual funds: 181
    • Exchange-traded funds: 57
    • Separately managed accounts: 15
    • Managed models: 2
  • Approximately 9,000 financial professionals have more than 100,000 clients who have invested over $3.5 billion dollars across these SI products as of June 30, 2019.
  • Women comprise one-third of our directors.
  • More than 40% of our directors represent gender, ethnic or racial diversity.
  • In 2019, our Employee Engagement Survey elicited a 94% response rate, which was a 2% increase compared with 2018.
  • 563 managers took and completed our Harassment Prevention training, for a total of 1,126 training hours.
  • More than 1,300 employees recorded over 11,150 hours of volunteer time in 2018.
  • LPL Financial contributed over $500,000 to nonprofits
  • Our Fort Mill office is USGBC LEED - Gold certified, and our San Diego and Boston offices are USGBC LEED – Platinum certified.
  • LPL composted more than 51 tons of food waste and repurposed three tons of coffee packets.

Diversity and investing

What does diversity and inclusion have to do with investing? The answer is socially responsible investing.

Environmental efforts

From desk-side recycling to net zero water usage, LPL makes environmental sustainability business as usual.

Integrity matters

We see value in working responsibly because how we conduct business is as important as the business we conduct.