How Mentorships Can Help Financial Professionals Excel

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Last Updated: March 19, 2024

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Bet on yourself: learn how to be a great financial advisor from a seasoned professional

Gaining a better understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of the financial industry can be made easier with the guidance and support of experienced financial professionals.

Looking to advance your skills, improve your confidence, and learn different perspectives to help grow your practice? Working with a mentor is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Mentors act as sounding boards and can provide useful insights and advice on the best strategies to achieve your business goals.

Mentorship resources promote leadership

“We see an increasing demand for financial advice and a growing desire for women to run a practice of their own design,” said Alisa Maute, executive vice president, Advisor Growth Solutions. “Our Rising Star Program, which we started in 2018 to empower women financial professionals and provide resources for them to be successful, offers mentorship opportunities to further benefit women in the financial industry. We look forward to the program kick-off each year at our Achieve Women’s Leadership Forum.”

To support women in the financial industry, LPL’s Rising Star Program aims to help women advisors develop leadership skills in their practice. The mentorship resources available through the program match seasoned advisors with newer advisors in the field. Mentors share knowledge on client experiences, technical abilities, and industry savvy, which can help foster confidence-building relationships to enable greater success for mentees.

“Advisors can also find support within our Growth Solutions services such as continuing education through Advisor University, business development and efficiency solutions through our growth consults, in-person leadership and networking conferences, and more,” Maute continues. “We strive to serve the needs of each unique advisor by offering solutions that bring the most value to their practices.”

"I think it’s really important to have someone who sees your potential and then helps you take advantage of that potential in the real world."

Kara Case, CFP®, Herbert Financial Group

In this video, three LPL financial professionals share their mentorship experiences and how learning from others is helping them excel in their practices.

Justine Ochoa:

Mentorship has definitely brought me to a next level that I wanted to reach. Prior to this, like I said, I was a client relationship manager and it took a lot to pull me out of that position into a financial advisor position. And I don't think I would've done that without the confidence of someone saying, "Hey, you're doing the right thing. You're doing exactly what you need to do, and you got it." So I took that bet on myself this year and it's been really amazing.

Ashley Hules:

Mentorship for me is a friend or a guide, both personally and professionally, to help me grow. And being that I'm in an advisor role now, where I used to be in leadership, I feel the need to give back because all the successful people that have helped me throughout my career.

Apryl Pope:

So mentorship has really helped me, I would say, grow exponentially very fast. So I'm a career changer. I came from being a high school math teacher into financial planning and investment management and into retirement plans. So this is all new for me. And when I got my mentor, who is seasoned and has been doing this for years, sitting with her on a monthly basis, like no holds barred, she's given me all the information, any questions that I would ever have.

Kara Case:

I think that's really important to have someone who sees your potential and then helps you take advantage of that potential in the real world.

Currently, 17% of financial advisors affiliated with LPL are women and 52% of our 21-member Advisor Inclusion Council are women advisors.

Learn more about LPL’s Women Advisor Business Community, which was created to make sure women’s voices are heard, and to provide a dedicated space to connect with peers, share ideas, and grow their practices.

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Kara Case, CFP®

Justine Ochoa

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