Welcome to LPL Live

In this episode, you will explore how LPL stands with financial professionals at every step of the journey. Each segment is designed to help you set your pace.

Segment 1: Fueling Your Success

LPL is focused on helping keep financial advisors and institutions operate at peak performance through service and support as investor demands change. Here how we're helping fuel that success with Corey Staten, LPL's vice president of service, Judy Rickets, executive vice president of operations, and Ben Welch, executive vice president of trading.

Segment 2: Hitting Your Stride

LPL Financial’s affiliation choices make it possible for financial professionals to match a business model to their unique idea of independence. LPL’s Kara Mackie, assistant vice president of Affiliation Consulting, explains how.

Segment 3: Ahead of the Curve

LPL Services Group offers strategic partners and resources that make it possible for financial professionals to focus on clients while their LPL teams take care of select operations to put their businesses ahead of the curve. LPL’s Aneri Jambusaria, executive vice president of LPL Services presents the possibilities.

Built For Success

Strategic planning can help financial advisors build a stronger business.

LPL Services Group

Gain strategic partners and resources designed to support the pace of today’s financial advisors.

Confidentially Connect

The financial advisor community is just one LPL benefit. Connect with LPL to learn more about your move to independence.