The difference I want to make is that my clients are better off after they met me than before they met me.

- Ken Royster, First Genesis of Virginia

Growing his business and developing the next generation of financial professionals

Each day Ken Royster walks in the door of his office in Norfolk, Virginia, he’s thrilled to be greeted by his daughters — Danica and Kenyatta — who are part of the First Genesis of Virginia team. “We work very strongly as a team,” says Royster. “They work right alongside me, helping to grow this business.”

As President and CEO, Royster is also thrilled to serve clients who are friends — that are just like family. “Someone asked me once, are all of your clients friends of yours? And, the answer is yes,” he says. “You can't have a better kind of role in your life or career than helping people fulfill their goals and aspirations as it relates to their financial security. I want my clients to be better off after they met me than before they met me.”

Finding a home at LPL

Royster began his career in financial services in the ‘80s after serving in the military. A manager offered him the opportunity and shared with him that while it would be difficult to get started on this career path, discipline and perseverance would pay off. Never afraid of a challenge, he took that knowledge and ran with it. And because of that experience, he understands the importance of education, creating development plans, and investing in others.

Prior to joining LPL, Royster spoke with two other recommended firms. In the end, LPL was clearly the company for him. “What sealed the deal was the fact that they had confidence in me. Once I started the transition it was clear they wanted me on the LPL team and they still value me as part of the LPL family.”

Royster made the choice to join LPL in 2016, and shares that the user-friendly platform, continuous internal support, and strong tools and technology make LPL the right home for him and his business.

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How the LPL Advisor Institute helps to develop the next generation

As he grows his practice, Royster uses the LPL Advisor Institute specifically for the training and development of new financial advisors. To date, three of his advisors have taken advantage of the program, and he plans to continue using it. “I sat in for the first three sessions to make sure that the curriculum was going to be the type of information I wanted transferred into the new advisors. Let me tell you, it was more than what I expected. I think it’s a win-win for everyone,” says Royster.

To help your practice grow and thrive, learn more about the LPL Advisor Institute. The program offers trusted and proven training focused on teaching industry-leading methods with content from top subject-matter experts to expedite the development of newer to the-industry financial professionals, so they can get further, faster.


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Proven training programs focus on teaching industry-leading methods to develop newer to the-industry financial professionals, so they can get further, faster.

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