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Last Updated: July 29, 2018

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For two hours, students worked side-by-side with volunteers to explore and expand their leadership skills through mock interviews, collaborative discussions and other activities facilitated by the Crossroads team. They talked about qualities found in a good leader and what leadership means to them.

“I worked in bank management for years, and held countless interviews where the people came in unprepared. These lessons and interview skills add such value to the kids to set them up for success,” said volunteer Tammy Stoerkel, associate wealth advisor with Intentional Wealth Advisors in Traverse City, Mich.

A mother of two high-school students, Stoerkel said the volunteer experience was eye-opening. “I always find that I learn something from a young person and how they look at things with fresh eyes. It’s so great that LPL provides an opportunity like this, both for the students in the Boston area as well as us advisors.”

The LPL Financial Foundation is committed to fostering economic empowerment for individuals and families. Each year, to kick off the firm’s annual advisor conference, the Foundation pairs with a local community organization to host a volunteer opportunity, extending support for the Foundation’s mission to advisors and employees and giving back to underserved communities in the host city.

During one of the activities on Sunday, roles were flipped and the students got to be the teacher. The teens were asked to think of a talent, skill or subject in which they excel  – such as learning a secret handshake or dance move – and then teach the volunteer how to do it. This interaction provided a meaningful experience in leading another person toward success.

“Every day, LPL advisors help people in their communities pursue their aspirations in life,” said Heather Randolph-Carter, LPL executive and president of the Foundation. “It’s a privilege to partner with them and others in the LPL family to help these exceptional students do the same.”

“LPL and Crossroads share a deep commitment to ensuring that young people emerge from our programs with a clear understanding of their potential and a deep desire to positively impact the community,” Crossroads president Simon Hess said. “By sharing professional expertise and personal career stories, LPL volunteers sparked new areas of interest and exploration for the ambitious teens. These experiences inspire the young people we serve collaboratively to build the future they wish to see.”

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