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Why Technology Could Be Your Key to Growth

Technology has emerged as a clear and critical differentiator for advisors. Both advisors and broker/dealers alike who view technology as a key priority may have a significant strategic advantage in this increasingly tech-savvy marketplace. It becomes a critical factor in creating efficiencies and fueling growth.

In most of the marketplace, we still see that individuals prefer to receive advice from a trusted financial professional who will help them plan to solve their problems, but just as importantly provide ongoing support and make sure they execute that plan.

- Dan Arnold, president and CEO of LPL Financial

Investing in technology

Financial markets are always shifting and changing, and only by carefully studying history and watching trends can you begin to get a sense of where things are headed. In this reprint from Barron’s, find out what Dan Arnold, president and CEO of LPL Financial, sees coming.


Arnold explains why he believes that technology will fuel advisory growth in the coming year. And this is not just idle speculation—Arnold says his team at LPL is currently investing heavily in technology and the staff who know how to use it to solve problems.


Download this article to see what Wall Street thinks of LPL’s recent $120 million investment in tech, and what that and other changes mean for the more than 16,000 advisors under the company’s umbrella.


Download the article by Barron’s with Dan Arnold.