AdvisorHub’s Meet the Custodian Spotlights LPL Financial

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Last Updated: April 22, 2021

Financial advisor highlighting his value proposition

Even though LPL Financial is a top three custodian, our RIA custody business may be the best kept secret in the industry. AdvisorHub let the cat out of the bag in their new RIA magazine with a “Meet the Custodian” column featuring LPL’s Marc Cohen. Marc has been instrumental in moving LPL’s RIA custody business forward, and in this short Q&A, he articulates what makes us different than any other leading custodian.

“We’re the only leading custodian that’s 100% advisor-focused. We don’t compete with RIAs for clients. Ever. And regardless of the size of the business or the scope of its vision, we support RIAs through a partnership that’s as extensive as it is personal.”

– Marc Cohen, Executive Vice President of Advisor Businesses at LPL Financial, AdvisorHub Meet the Custodian

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