LPL Strategic Wealth Services Attracts 20th Advisor Team

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Last Updated: April 07, 2022

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While announcements of financial advisors changing firms may be routine for industry publications, Financial Advisor IQ’s recent article on the launch of Walker Covey Wealth Advisors was a milestone for LPL Financial.

When Andy Walker and Christian Covey left the Commonwealth Financial Network to form their new entity with LPL Financial, they were the 20th financial advisor team to join LPL Strategic Wealth Services model. LPL launched the platform in April of 2020 and has continued to grow the network over the past two years.

The Walker Covey Wealth Advisor team boasts over 20 years of financial guidance experience and is committed to supporting clients at every step of their financial journey. “We are excited to build a practice where can provide our clients with high-touch service to help relieve some of their financial worries,” Walker said. 

Walker Covey Wealth Advisors believes that LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services platform will help them do just that. The platform “offers advisors support in launching an independent practice, including with financial budgeting, real estate sourcing, employee benefits, brand development and more, as well as various ongoing support that includes access to a chief financial officer, a marketing partner, administrative assistants and more.”

LPL describes Strategic Wealth Services as “a truly tailored experience for financial advisors breaking away from the wirehouse.” also covered the creation of Walker Covey Wealth Advisors, citing LPL’s platforms and resources as a key differentiator. “LPL Strategic Wealth Services fills in the gaps, so we don’t have to worry as much about things like HR or maintaining our website,” Covey said, according to Barron’s. “We are still running a business, but this model helps us focus on what we do best.”

You can read more about all of LPL’s business model options here. We also encourage you to reach out to LPL so that we can learn how to best tailor our affiliation choices, products and services to the vision you have for your business. 


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Walker Covey Wealth Advisors and LPL Financial are separate entities.


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